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  1. Help please Attack of the B-Team Isn't even starting When I press Play selecting the Attack of the B-Team modpack It starts verifying things and then The Launcher dissappears. After 10 sec (even less) nothing happens and the launcher comes back as if I've quit the game. Please Help Thanks
  2. Fix Found Don't keep Anything in your Parachute slot (Especially Ultimate Energy Cube) This causes you to crash. Thanks
  3. My Voltz keep crashing while opening MineFactoryReloaded mod's GUI or Applied Energistics's GUI (Only in Export and Import Bus) I tried re-installing the whole pack. Added no mods (except the voltz default mods) It works at first, after some 5-10 mins, suddenly it crashes when I open GUI It only happens in Multiplayer. Please help me. Error Report file http://pastebin.com/5EcFeG6V P.S Didn't use the Voltz Bug Report link given by Sir sct coz the link is not working Thank You
  4. In-game name: Jack621311 *What do you think about the server: Epic Server and Modpack (Morphing FTW !) *Suggestions for the server: A tutorial about the modpack so new players (like me ) can know about the server AND about the modpack.
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