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  1. Two options for that Tobmonst3r, you can either use resonant induction or rotary craft. If you feel like holding right click for a long time you could also use the grindstone from applied energistics. Edit: I've just reread this and realised you probably mean world ore generation. That would be galacticraft.
  2. there's not very much information to go off here besides that it's a problem with immibis. What other information can you provide about the server?
  3. That's a bit too much of a leap of logic to make. From what i can tell, 3.0.0c is still not recommended yet because the mods in it are still in development. I would put money on Mekanism not coming back.
  4. Hey Foolee The problem you're having with your voltz 2.0.4 could be a forge problem. Try following the suggestion here and see if it's relevant http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2093292-forge-15-downloading-files-error-fix/ In regards to the extra mods, cool ideas all around but I think the direction it's going in will still continue to be based around the calclavia mods (Skuli may correct me on that?). I'm not familiar with all of the mods you suggested but there undoubtedly similar functions in mods already in voltz 3.0 which we haven't explored yet. With the galacticraft crash, could you try to submit this as a pastebin link instead of directly in to your post? Just a minor housekeeping thing to keep the thread tidier. It'll make it easier for Skuli to pass it on to other devs in case they need to action anything in it as well.
  5. Thanks for updating everyone on the fix for this bug Jack.
  6. you need to pick it up with the portable extractor and empty canister. Galacticraft oil in the recommended (2.0.4) version of voltz has a slightly buggy version of liquid oil where it reacts more like a textured air block than a liquid. I find the way to use the portable extractor is on flowing oil with a solid block directly below it, holding right click with the extractor on the oil will fill the canister in your inventory.
  7. i think they were just using a very old version of voltz at first (1.0.x ?) then they modded it to show off a few different things.
  8. It seems that iron can't be processed with Archaic methods in Resonant Induction in this pack. Also there still exists a duping glitch in the engineering table for any ore not placed in the center slot. Would an update to the newest version of RI fix these issues?
  9. yeah, voltz 3.0.0 is a very new beta testing of a whole bunch of mods that haven't really been tested together, many of them themselves being still in development. 2.0.4 has it's bugs and quirks but is still functional. you guys could come and play on some of the public servers if you wanted to, they're fairly mature as far as gameplay and plugins go.
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