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  1. UPDATE Hey guys I am going to try and get the server updated again? Not sure if i can...but hopefully by monday we can be back up to date. As of right now not many people are playing? It is very simple to downgrade to 1.0.5. Here is a video that can help ya out if needed. Check it out and get back to playing. Again it is best if there is a hexxit update to wait until you know your server is updated. Sometimes updates can cause issues or we have to wait for other updates on mods/plugins to come out before we can update. Well hope to see some new players on the server. I have started a new job so I am not on as much as I used to be. But our Admin Nenwenth is on a lot and can help you out if you need it! You can also post on our forums. I try to check them daily!!!
  2. You no longer need to be whitelisted on our server. We have not updated to this recent patch tho. When we tried our server just crashed when we started it up. But you are all more then welcome to join Server info is on OP and again no whitelist any more ;)
  3. hey sorry i didnt get on here sooner! Your welcome to join my server. We have not update tho, we keep trying to update and the server just crashes everytime we start it, so we ended up going back down to the prior patch. But you dont have to be whitelisted any longer. So feel free to join when ever :) is the info for Teamspeak as well as our mc server :)

  4. Have our admin Shop fully up and running (one section i have to price ) Also have lots for sale at spawn as well as player shops!! Working on our F8LGear Store where we will offer customized F8LGear These will be very uber, and quite spendy! We are also working on a underground rail station that will lead to player cities. Right now our server is whitelisted but we are in the talks of having a whitelist free week to get some new players on. Will update with more information soon! Thanks guys for helping us keep the server alive!
  5. Server is back up sorry for the downtime. Had some updates we had to do on our VDS. We have player plots going in and will be available for purchase with in-game currency or real money. Hope to see some new faces on!
  6. All is working great!! Looking for all our players to come back!
  7. Okay updated the IP in the main post server is back up! Sorry for the delay!!! Our plug in expert decided to break a bunch of stuff and then say f-you all pretty much. So we had to figure out what was and wasnt working. Again sorry for the delay but we have figured out a bunch of stuff, and have most things working. We are still working on the plug ins so plz be patient! IF something doesn't work just let us know! Thanks !!!
  8. Yes there will be a new address we are currently in the process of moving files, and setting up the servers again. We have moved to a better dedicated machine. Sorry for the delay guys, just having a few tech issues with the files and the transfer. I have and will update the website with the new information as soon as i can! Again Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. Neo, regardless if you guys think it is okay, some people don't, and from what i understand being a united states citizen we are entitled to our opinions. And i agree with Kesie, it is very offensive, regardless of what you all say, it is offensive, to us, and to other people.
  10. Thanks and yes we do wanna see it grow im just glad my stupid picture isn't making people not wanna play on my server still have gotten tons of peeps from this post and other i have made, which is what got me this stupid picture. LOL Who would have thought on forums you not allowed to post on topics saying 'hey looking for a good hexxit server' i mean really. I read in the rules you are not suppose to start them topics, but i figured since they were up and not removed they would be okay to comment on. I was way off on that one!
  11. And you can always report my picture as offensive. But i have been told by several mods that the people actually in charge don't really care about stupid issues like this. They just post Fart or something stupid on peoples topics. I don't know?
  12. Well Kesie, I would never have changed my picture to this, nor would i have added Helen Keller below it! The Fourm mods, think that this is okay? I don't know why but they do. And from what i understand i am not allowed to change it for an entire month, so i'm sorry if it offends you but there isnt much i can do about it at this point, I have asked them to change it to! Expressed my dislike on the whole thing. But they do not listen. They think it is a big joke!
  13. Wow thanks guys glad your liking the server ....Oh i bet it is against the rules for me to post this....all well i guess. Figured i should be polite and respond to such positive feed back.
  14. I personally don't mind 'recruiting' for my server. I am always looking for friendly people to join my server . Sorry if i did something wrong, seen the post posted on it. I thought that was forum were used for? My bad for the mistake. And regardless, i have had a ton of great new players join my server the past week. So me going on and promoting my server is nothing if it does what i am looking for.
  15. Server info: Server Status: Beta www.planetf8l.enjin.com o()xxxx[{::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> We are currently running a Hexxit server. You have the option to toggle PVP on and off. We are using Multiverse, and there are currently 4 other worlds up and running and PVP is enabled in these worlds. For F8LCreative please speak with an Owner or Admin on the server, or you can just check out our donation page on our website (info below). We now have a Admin Shop as well as player plots/shop plots for sale in spawn! We are working on custom F8LGear for our server, that will be sold at the F8LGear Shop!!! We also do a back up every night (sometimes more) on our server. F8LWild - you go here to raid dungeons and farm material's etc. F8LNeather - you should know this world Twilight Forest- part of Hexxit F8LCreative - Duh to be creative! F8LMetro - Just a cool world to explore, great building ideas too! These world will be reset as need to keep dungeons fresh! *no portal for the end, but it as well will be reset if needed! You are not able to build portals from your home, keep in mine we don't want you to get to settled in any of these 'other worlds' since they will have random resets done. If you wanna go to the Nether or Twilight Forest, or our Wild world visit the spawn area, in the big tree we do have a few banned items. We also have most the Bibliocraft added to claims, so no one can take from racks, tables, shelves, etc. ~Sword Pedestal not guarded-working on it. We are also working on setting up Shop Plots and Home Plots for in-game currency. We also have some that you can buy on our donation page. Feel free to join our server, we are friendly and trying to build a good community!!! Visit the website for more info on what plug-ins we have and rules for our server! o()xxxx[{::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> ** Was gonna add a picture but can't figure it out ** You can visit us at http://www.planetf8l.enjin.com/ Check out the Free Starter Kit offered on the donation section! Must be in game to redeem!
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