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  1. So I wanted to install a modpack to play with friends. Its 1.5.2 I made a folder on desktop called modpack, inside made coremods, mods, config and bin. Put a recommended version of forge 1.5.2 universal into bin and renamed it to modpack. (It is a zip file) Then installed all the mods These are coremods Modpack in dropbox: Modpack in Technic Launcher: I tried so much things. I tried using the latest version of 1.5.2 forge. I tried chaning that is in bin to modpack.jar. Still doesn`t work. All mods are tested on normal minecraft launcher with same forge version and with same mods and folders and all launches. But in the launcher it doesn`t work. I need help
  2. Age: 14 Name: viktor Country: UK Skype and microphone: Yes Time zone: (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon London Something about yourself: JAFFAS, CAKES, Pancake?: AWESOME!!
  3. May i join. I read all the rules twice and I can play up to 3-4 hours a day. Mic: Yes Age:14 Skype: TraxNinja20
  4. May i join I have read all the rules few times. I can play up to 3-4 houars a day probably. Age:14 mic: yes skype: TraxNinja20
  5. May i joind I read all the rules few times. Age: 14 mic: yes skype: TraxNinja20