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  1. You got it to work? If so I still would like to join you! My name is Cinderkittyz of course
  2. Yea ^^ The smaller servers are always better then the big ones to me
  3. I have hamachi and would love to play hexxit with you, I also have a skype but have no mic also.... I have the same name as my forum name, just in case the server is whitelisted.
  4. Like Richs said, You are missing a lot of info about your server here. Just an Ip not only gets you in trouble but also is a really bad way to get players, Aka no one wants to join a server where the only post about it was an Ip.
  5. It was most likely just hexxit with the way it is haha. Its the laggyest piece of poo but it its still fun c:
  6. I'm a fluffbutt, hear me roar

  7. IGN: Cinderkittyz Reason for wanting to join: I want to learn hexxit with kind others that can help me, Because learning in multiplayer is much more fun and easy then singleplayer, and you can make friends too!. If a furry, what's your fursona?: My fursona is a blue fox, But my 'minecraft fursona' (although shes normally just a character) Is a Siamese cat Do you fully understand and agree to the rules?*:Yep yep Tell me a little bit about yourself: I'm a 13 year old girl that really loves playing multiplayer games, expecially minecraft.