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  1. Had a bit of problem recently with war world. This has been resolved and we're learning valuable lessons!
  2. WAR! Phase 3 of our first server war has begun. The build phase, where each nation builds their castle, and will defend it to the last man in the final phase in one week.
  3. Got some graphical mojo? Create a server banner for us and win some items! Details on our website at
  4. Over the evening while I was sleeping, someone bypassed our item bans. Please do not ask what the banned item was, we prefer not to divulge that. Through deliberate means, a block that we have banned for this very reason was placed and the server could not cope with it as a result. This user has been banned since it is not the first time we have caught him trying to do this. However, rest assured it isn't one of our active players and his ban will have zero impact on the playerbase. I apologize for the downtime (drink) and we will be taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks for your patience.
  5. Server was up and down like a Jack Russell Terrier over the night due to a more obscure bug crashing the server. Took a while to track down but its been resolved and steps will be taken to ensure it doesn't happen again.
  6. Sounds like you have a malformed config. Works just dandy for me. I HAD noticed that all nodes need SOMETHING to disable in order to not reset to default. So if you have say world banned, just toss a cannon in it, and it won't reset.
  7. We've finally fixed one of the more pesky bugs plaguing the server. We've also started the groundwork for our first server war! Nations are starting to prepare, gathering materials for nano and quantum armor. Soon, war initiatives will start up!
  8. Hi folks, I'm trying to debug a pesky problem with the usage of buckets. I'm not entirely sure when it started. Here's what I know: Players cannot use water buckets (Unconfirmed) Players cannot use lava buckets (Confirmed) Players cannot use buckets to get milk from cows (Unconfirmed) Lava Bucket: A player right clicks a lava bucket on the ground; the lava disappears a moment later - at this time, the bucket appears empty until its next right clicked, then appears full again. Any ideas? I'm at my wits end here. My next step is to disable each plugin manually, but I'm trying to avoid that. I've gone through every single config file I can think of. Here is what I've confirmed: Essentials: prevent: lava-flow: false water-flow: false water-bucket-flow: false fire-spread: true lava-fire-spread: false flint-fire: false lightning-fire-spread: true portal-creation: false tnt-explosion: false tnt-playerdamage: false fireball-explosion: false fireball-fire: false fireball-playerdamage: false creeper-explosion: false creeper-playerdamage: false creeper-blockdamage: false enderdragon-blockdamage: true enderman-pickup: false villager-death: false blacklist: # Which blocks should people be prevented from placing placement: # Which items should people be prevented from using usage: # Which blocks should people be prevented from breaking break: # Which blocks should not be pushed by pistons piston: Towny: No config options that I know of Worldguard: I don't think its worldguard, but here's my config: TekkitCustomizer: There are no perms for buckets, lava buckets etc defined. PermissionsEx: We don't use modifyworld, so there are no perms issues here. Additionally, we've allowed lava bucket use explicitly, no affect. My plugins: Vault Multiverse-Core ecoCreature SimpleWarnings dynmap AutoMessage BlueTelepads LinksOnSigns WorldEdit Towny SignShop PermissionsEx Questioner LWC WorldGuard PvPTimer TekkitCustomizer CoreProtect mcbans Essentials Balkon's WeaponMod WorldBorder RegionForSale HelpTicket TownyChat EssentialsProtect EssentialsSpawn BOSEconomy Register Dynmap-Towny
  9. Plugin Name: Tekkit Customizer BukkitDev Link: Description: Customizable item/block banner, with default values for commonly-banned Tekkit items. Extremely easy to configure, requires no permissions management unless you want to make exceptions for some of your players. Can even retroactively remove banned items from the world and player inventories, and log information about confiscated items for further investigation (to see how players are getting the banned items). Tekkit Compatibility: Made for tekkit. I think its a decent plugin, and less hit or miss than ModifyWorld. Combined with TekkitRestrict, its pretty easy to lock things down.
  10. Tj: Gar bypassed protections. He was banned after a warning about it. Amegos was repeatedly rude to other players and staff despite regular requests to stop. You were banned because you logged into the server just to pick a fight. Coolkid was identified as a problem player, being overall juvenile and making the server a negative experience. All in all, you folks are NOT welcome on MY server. I pay the bills, and that's it. This isn't me power tripping, this is me not wanting to play with people like you; repeatedly rude, lying to the me about what you had, and repeated disrespect towards other players. Further disputes will not resolve anything. You're welcome to try, but your bans will not be lifted.
  11. TJBill; I understand your frustration. However, your rant is a little one sided. We were patient with you guys and tried to work with you, but you constantly made the server an unpleasant experience for other players; no one was 'jealous' of you, they just didn't feel you were the right fit. I understand you're complaint regarding the screenshot, but I also have server logs of your team being equally difficult. This started with one of your team bypassing protections, and he was banned for it after being warned. Amegos picked a fight with bother players and myself as a result, and it escalated. We tried to resolve it, but it ended with bans. We do have warnings installed, which are our approach for letting people know that their behavior is unacceptable. Best of luck finding a new server. We wish nothing but the best for you folks.