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  1. Launcher Version: Latest Operating System: Intel Windows 7 Java Version: Latest Antivirus Program: MSE Description of Problem: Hexxit will not download, because of error. Error Messages: "Error unzipping file" Error Log:
  2. Also help I cant create website account


    1. fireman1x
    2. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      I can't help you with that. Contact SCT

  3. Cheap Shot help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do I delete threads of mine!

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    2. fireman1x
    3. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      What thread would you like to close?

    4. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      Oh I see it. Looks like someone already removed it for you.

  4. I have created some Minecraft maps and modpacks. Please check them out! Link:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2084463-minecraft-maps-fireman1x/ ~Copy/Paste this link into your address bar! This is a discussion/suggestions thread. For downloads and other stuff, go to the MC Forums thread. (Link Above)
  5. I cannot create a Technicpack.net website account! Please Help!

  6. Advice: Get a picture that looks like a phoenix to go with your name.

    (Nice name anyway)

  7. Hey get on technic IRC chat. We can finish our conversation there

    Edit: Im on today, post me and I might notice you. My IRC name is fireman1x. What's yours?(9/2)

  8. I cannot post in the correct section (technic launcher bugs area) for my post because I have insufficient privileges to post there. PLEASE HELP I DONT KNOW WHAt TO DO

    1. Kamina


      I have the same problem #struggleisreal my brother.

  9. yes that is exactly what happens (p.s sorry I didn't respond earlier, I was very busy)
  10. you should shut your mouth You should shut your mouth too
  11. -In reply to lukeb28's 2nd comment on this page why i posted this is because for the people who dont have technic accounts. i did this myself and it works AND is much simpler than your guide. (No offense intended) Also i have not been able to create a website account. if you want to know why, read my other post.(I Cant Create Technic Account!) I was able to make a forums account, but I cant get an account for the main website on technic (technicpack.net)And this is not meant to be a replacement or ripoff for any guide whatsoever, but its just another way.
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