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  1. I'm bored.

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      Go punch a hole I'm a wLl

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      wanna play on a server??

  2. Minecraft Name: ballmot Skype Name: don't have one right now (it lags my computer) Age: 24 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 7 Favorite Mod: Saintspack Do you plan to record? Yes. What do you like to do in Minecraft? I like explore, build stuff with redstone (and also normal buildings), survive, and pve. Why do you want to be in this server? I want to be on this server because it looks like a good one, and also because most people are over 16. (I don't really like playing with 10 year old kids who keep crying about everything) What else should we know about you? I've found this modpack recently (1 week ago), and i've been playing it all the time now, but it's hard to find a good server without griefers or banned items. (I'm okay with banning items which crash the server and things like that, just try to avoid removing the fun ones, like the dubstep guns and witchery)
  3. hello, i've joined your server 3 days ago, but it was laggy as hell, today, i'm playing on it, and it's totally lag free! good job, now the next thing we need is: players
  4. age: 24 IGN: ballmot looks like the server isn't whitelisted right now, i've joined it and made a small house, this is one of the best servers i've ever seen, it's totally lag free! (note: please don't grief my stuff, i wanna play again at this server) It would be nice if you could install a basic protection plugin so that we can lock our chests,maybe even that plugin where you can claim land with a golden shovel! if you need help with plugins, i'm here to help. edit: wait...this post is 1 month old??? the OP must have stopped following this a long time ago :/
  5. Age: 24 IGN (In Game Name): ballmot Why Do you want to Play on this Server? : Because i want to enjoy tekkit without the chaos of a non-whitelist server. What Do you want to Build? : I'm thinking about building a cool space dome in the moon.
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