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  1. IGN: Tunakan1 SKYPE(Must have): kyler.nevills Experience: I have played Minecraft since 1.5 beta Age(16 or OLDER): Well, I'm 14 but I hope I can still get in. Pros & Cons about yourself: I'm a friendly person, I get along with anyone and everyone I get angry very fast, Not very experienced in hexxit. Bans(If any): I got permanently banned from a skyblock server for "Griefing" which is untrue, I watched captain sparklez play it and they had 2 islands, I thought I would get 2 but.... It was a player island. Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: My favorite youtuber was Caliform. Not a very popular youtuber (15-20k subs) But he was the person that got me into minecraft and made me love the game. He currently doesn't do anymore videos D':
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