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  1. Someone directed me to a link that came here about someone else asking for the DNS techpack to be added to the technic laucher. I think I can say that wont happen. One because if we haven't been asked yet then it wont ever happen and two I'm pretty happy with the way things are now. Technic does there thing and we do ours. Different strokes for different folks. While I'm not 100% against the idea, thats is just something I never thought of. But I'm pretty sure Technic is fine with the current setup. Thanks anyway little dude for trying to help us, Love yo faces mod edit: read the rules and you'll be cool!
  2. I have an adf.ly account and for one file I got 10,000 views and they sent me $8.41 so that equals $0.000841 per view. its nothing. so 100000 views would be $84.10, I dont know why they get so upset about lossing 2 buck. and modders always say there going to come after modpack creators and sue. a retainer for a normal lawyer cost $5000.00, why spent that to protect $84.00, thats why it never happens
  3. I saw where Sengir will reject any donation that is from a Technic user. This dude has a serious Ego problem. believe me I've been on the wrong end of it for a while now.