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  1. Best thing to do would be make a script to extract all the mod files to a folder and delete everything that isn't a .png, I have no idea how to do that on Windows, I might could do it on Linux. Other than that, just choose which pack you want to start with, say, IC2, then just get the pictures and edit them. If there is an update to a mod with a lot of textures and the locations of them change, you'll be in for a headache. Just stick with it. The time it take to make the textures, even crappy ones, dwarfs the time it takes to find the images.
  2. I actually went through with it, for tired of waiting for 1.2.5 a while ago. However, the only reason I did was because of direwolf20 providing the configs. If that option wasn't out there, I wouldn't have done it. Waiting on adfly links, mind melting but doable, making sure this many mods don't conflict, not worth it to me. And let me say, it really was a freaking huge pain to download all of them and install them all. I also had multimc on my side, I wouldn't have done it with either of those. Technic is just so useful and easy, especially for people who ask things like "What's the minecraft root folder?" or "I double clicked the .jar, it didn't do anything, how do I open it?" Is that actually you or just some random gif? I can't help but stare at it, it's just so enthralling.
  3. With IC2 crops, RedPower2 and BC/Logistics pipes, you've got all the automation you need with all kinds of magic blocks and pipes (RP of course being the least "magical,"). Throw in CC for easy mode of RP2 Control, you really don't need Forestry. Just a thought, have a frame system to move a quarry like arm thing with a deployer on the end with some random tool in it to "right click" ic2 crop blocks, have another frame thing come by with some sort of suction device, be it TC2, redstoned obsidian pipes, or something else, to pick up the drops. Done, Forestry. Did you like it for the peat? Set up some sort of tree farm, make charcoal, renewable fuel, essentially the same as peat.
  4. A longer term goal is to have cubic and hex versions for all textures that I default to hex and some I default to cubic. Some textures I can't see anyone liking being hex, but I think most people would like to see cubic versions, after all, this is that game with the blocks. But, that's long term goal, I'm slow, etc, but your concern was already in my mind and has been noted. Thanks! Hey man, don't fret, I understand it's an opinion an criticism, this is a safe place. Well, not really, but safe in the sense that I won't be offended by your clearly stated opinions and criticisms especially when I ask for that, so, that being said, most of did look like garbage, I am intentionally going for somewhat of a single tone and noiseless look, but they still look like garbage, especially the seeds. I added some antialiasing on most items and it really improved the look a bit so there's that to look forward to, and I have thought about the single seed thing, those seeds just need some love and care. About the piles, I like them coming to a point like that because that's how default MC is, but the dye/paint ones are't piles (the redstone/glowstone kind) by default, most of them are the clay lump shape but flatter, I personally prefer them all in bowls so I know what is a dye but so many mods use them for things other than dyes (BC uses them in modules, still kinda a dye, but, not for wool), I'll keep it in mind though, I'll see if I can make a pile shape that looks pleasing, the pointy ones in the bowls look kind of silly now that you mention it. I'm not sure such a great compliment and simultaneously intimidating threat has been given to me, I will take it as a compliment and continue on! In other news, once I finish some more stuff I'll be releasing Alpha 1 which has a few tweaks and a few more things done. Thanks everyone!
  5. The tree trunks or the tree leaves? Hex for the leaves is actually a really good idea! Yeah, it is really bright. It's tough because I like darker packs, my favorite being Isabella which is very grey, not always in color but in feeling, and this pack feels so bright. You should see my original set of textures, everything was so bright it looked down right derpy. I'm trying to manage the brightness but I think it's going to be a bright pack in the end, but I have thought of making a darker version before I even read this. This isn't me trying to defend my work (I'm not an artist, much less a prideful artist, that should be evidenced by the lack of noise and things, but I digress, I think you get my point) but can you give me a couple of specific examples of the items you don't like the textures on that are too washed out? I actually am going to redo the gold a bit I think, I'm always back and forth on if I like it or not, I think all of it is a little too dark. Also, the buckets and bed I'm redoing with out question. The bed looks awful and the buckets are using the old color of Iron I had. "You might wanna 'check' yourself before you 'wreck' yourself!" You'll be a great tasting kake once the mix is baked, you know that? Thanks everyone for the comments and praises!
  6. Sorry about that, I thought I'd be able to add those picture much sooner, like three hours after the post. Oh well... So, yeah. I put in some pictures and a link to an album with some more pictures, I didn't want the post to be a trillion miles long. This is very WIP. Very! So, the obligatory warnings and stuff apply, some things are subject to change, certain things might look ugly (Tell me if they do, but I may already know but still, just in case), there's still loads of stuff to do, especially if this is to truly be Technic compatible. Thanks guys, you're the best.
  7. 32x http://www.mediafire.com/?jj7766no4q7l8wk A fulfilled promise to my Techineer brethren and sisterhren. A while back there was talk about making Tronic work for Technic, and I mentioned I was working on a pack. Well, I've finally gotten enough done in the pack that I myself find it tolerable to play with, it won't be that often you see a texture pop out and not match. What I'm getting at is most of the world blocks are done and a good bit of the items. There is still very very much to be done. PICS OR NO DL, LOSER! (Honestly, I don't blame you guys one bit.) I made an imgur album, a friend told me it's good for uploading images because you don't need an account. If you guys don't like that site, let me know. http://imgur.com/a/NVdJX#14 <-- That will show you the whole album, below are a few of the ones I think give the best impression of the pack. [img width=800] [img width=800] NOTE: I uploaded this and forgot to take out the custom portal and fire, they are not my textures, I forget where they came from, some Tronic remix I believe. Details: Clean blocks! Hexagons, hexagons everywhere! Most natural blocks are either hexagons or a series of squares (1 square, 4 squares, 16, or 64. Sand for example is 64 squares because it's a very finely ground substance) Informative GUIs! Not a lot of stuff done! I work on this fairly often, but I'm slow. What's done, loser? Anything? Vanilla tools, vanilla ores, some mod ores, actually most vanilla terrain.png is done, most of the things you see on a "daily basis" in minecraft is done. The items aren't done, I didn't feel like doing some of them yet. Enough is done to get a good feel of what the pack is going to be like. Current Mod Support? -A very tiny amount of IC2 Planned Mod Support? -All of Technic (minus millenaire and better dungeons perhaps). I stopped using technic myself because I got tired of waiting for the 1.2.5 rec. build but at the same time, I love everything about the Technic pack and I love these forums This sucks! I hate it! Tell me why then, even if it's just an opinion and you just don't like this style pack.
  8. I feel this guy's pain, but, it needed to be done. I too have wanted the newest version and its magical pathfinding mobs of win. What did I do? Stay a while and listen. I stumbled upon The 20th Dire Wolf's newest tubes series and he had a list of mods he was using and a precompiled list of configuration facsimiles! Such joy I was filled with, this is the 1.2.x experiece I was seeking- no more derpy zombles and those mirrors! Gootchy gootchy goo! Oh hohohoho! :3 Hruphhmmrfhrrm, pardon me. So I went to down load the mods, one does not simply download these mods! One must wade through multiple forum posts that while organized well for a forum post barely represent anything easy to get in and get out, they I was attacked by the Ad Flies! Good heavens! Worse than SirSengir's blasted bees! I was assured I could make money on a start up business, bombarded with false paths claiming that THEY were the download link, and let me tell you friends, they were NOT! I dismally got them all and followed Mr. Wolf's instructions and got it running only to realize no mo' creatures, somnia, and others! My friends, NEVER underestimate the value of Team Technic. The Kake Mix and The Inexpensive Shot, and others like Jackie J and the others I do not know, you are a brave few who want to help us out and I must say, thank you, Godspeed, and may the EMC and Vis be with you while you prepare us the stable version! May it be so!
  9. Re: Next Go-Around, please configure the pack better for balance and gameplay I think this thread derailed into Drama Valley, but I can't blame anyone. Here's the ways I see it, the key bindings can be fixed in less than a minute and the user can modify them the way they want to. If Team Technic Squad Force United did it for you, I'd bet most people would change it around anyways cause they don't want ctrl to be zoom or something like that. Next, any issue you have with a particular mod being "OP" to another is silly if you are a server admin, just disable that block or something. Any issue you have with a block that causes lag is silly too if you're blaming Technic Rangers Universe, Inc. because they didn't make that block cause the lag! Just because a user made fix exists doesn't mean it should be brought into the actual game because you prefer it. Others may loathe it or prefer to have their options open.
  10. And why would that be? Because another mod is out of the way Terribly unfortunate turn of events. You know what they say, hasta la vista, that's life. Rail-craft is really awesome though, honestly. I find myself wanting to make some sort of mechanical logic system with it like a really basic ALU. Maybe that's why people call me a nerd...
  11. Oh you guys, I already know about Dwarf Fortress! Thanks though, it's very fun. Why does DF keep popping up in threads I've posted in, I think it's hunting me down. Fun indeed... & ☻☻☺ & &
  12. Oh man, I've seen that thing before and... Oh God why!? Is it sarcasm or... seriousness? Or are all memelulz sarcastic? And if they are doesn't that still make them not okay? In all seriousness though, I thought the part where he quoted the "reviews" from people was actually really funny.
  13. I think that's it then, because I've rarely been around it, and the few times I am it's kind of just like this tidal wave of smell that washes over me and into my olfactory nerves and into the very core of my being and then proceeds and stab at my existence. Well, not really. But it does make me light headed. Thanks Jay?, pro tips are pro.
  14. Right now It's been 1) Starcraft II (Always custom maps, can't do default for crap! Star Battle mostly cause I'm okay at it) 2) Azure Dreams (PSX game on an emulator, so great!) 3) LoL (I really like the DOTA styled games, and despite it's cancerous, festering community, I think MC can be worse.) Anyone know of any other graphical (read: slightly better than ASCII with mouse interface, preferably) rogue likes out there? Dungeon Defenders is pretty good, it recently went into "beta" and the old free one is now called "alpha," bought it, it's okay I suppose. It's more of a puzzle though than a dungeon crawler because of the mechanics, but still very fun. Azure Dreams is phenomenal. Love mon games, love dungeony games, it's awesome!
  15. I figure a good vent every now and then is relieving, so let's get started. My freaking room mate (I would move out/kick him out or somehting but it's a dorm so I can't... only a few more weeks!) lets his twin live with him so he's always sleeping on the couch, they burn insence often which bothers my nose or something, I don't know, maybe I'm alergic-ish? Or maybe it's pot and the inscence covers it? I don't know what pot smells like cause I've never been around it, but that might explain the annoying head achey symptoms. Anyways, these idiots don't know how to do dishes for crap! Concave stuff on top rack, flat stuff on bottom, how hard is that? Every freaking time they do dishes there are bowls in the bottom rack, some times with the bowly round part facing up. I find dishes (mine) in the cabinet all the time with food stuffs still on them! Grrrrr! Also, they use the thermostat stupidly too. Thermostats aren't like car heat controls, in a car, if it's hot/cold, adjust that bad boy full blast for a bit then put it back to normal. A thermostat does that for you automatically to the temp you want! If it feels coldish, DON'T PUT IT ON 90 DEGREE HEAT YOU MORONS! It's spring, I live in the south part of USA so it's hot outside, but some inside, it's more hot. Freaking sweat all up on my forehead! If it's too cold for you, bump it up like 4 degrees and let it do it's magic. It's technology! It's incredible! Let it do it's thing! Now that I whined like a seven year old, I'm going to read this to myself os I can see that I am over reacting. Hopefully others will come to my aid saying "it's not so bad" or "man up, it's fine," etc. I can do the same for you guys too. Because we're a family, and families stick together. Like tape does when you screw up and the tape touches itself.
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