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  1. IGN: kaitlinCraft SKYPE(Must have): erik.miltenov Experience: Beta 1.7.3 8 july 2011 next update was 1.8(adventure update) spetembet 15, 2011 Age(16 or OLDER): Well, I'm 14 .I dont have 16 years but I'am very good and frendly pleyer Pros & Cons about yourself: I play takkit and Feed the Beast and I'am pro in machine thnigs. Bans(If any): I don't have any bans In online server. Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: My favorite youtuber is Bodil40. Very popular youtuber . he is from my country (Bulgaria) and I love his videos .I love Sethbling he learn me how to make adventure maps and many more things:D I love PewDiePie but I dont see he make mincraft videos
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