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  1. Hey ubur my friend pointed out that in my last post i may have seemed threatening and a bit blunt? but i am just posting to say that this is not meant in any offensive or threatening way, i was just stating what i would do. Kind regards, vern
  2. hey ubur i really hope you get this some time today as this is quite an inconvenience to my friend and i as we where in the middle of construction when your server shut-down. normally after this amount of time i would find another server to go on but on your server there are nicer and less people to have to compete with, i have also hit the stage where i have settled down and don't have every item but have enough for it to be effort to start afresh. so for the sake of us all please could you take a few minutes to either tell us what is going on or restart the server. Much obliged, Vern
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