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  1. IGN: Failmasterftw SKYPE(Must have): jordantm.richardson Experience: I have played Minecraft for almost 2 years and have tried using a lot of mods. The recent mod packs I've played are Tekkit and DivineRPG and they were interesting although challenging. I'm not very experienced with Hexxit so I wish to learn the ropes and hopefully continue playing on this server. Age(16 or OLDER): 13 going 14 in October. Pros & Cons about yourself: I am very good at building and can do a variety of redstone contraptions. I have good grammar and am polite although I can be slightly immature but this doesn't show for the majority of the time. Bans(If any): None I am glad to say. I have never used hacks for Minecraft as well! Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: Editzp, because I find him to be hilarious although he has had many inactive phases.