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  1. Leaf here, Bringing you another Voltz summer modpack server hosted privately by me. Gentlemans rules, do to others what you would have done unto you. That being said there is pvp, but note people will get mad and feelings will run high! Ip is:*snip* skype me @ dewhiersoux
  2. Hey all Leaf here, -Just putting up my anual tekkit server for the public. -I have a 128slot server -There are NO RULES (treat others how you want to be treated) Ip is:mc7.fadehost.com:25674 Me: I'm 20years old, live in California skype me at dewhiersoux for questions. -thanks guys-
  3. Hey I had to transfer ip's try the new ip I edited the post ! -Happy crafting, Leaf
  4. Hey everyone, ___Leaf___ here. You may have been on my tekkit server, and that was fun! Well now I have a 90 Slot server, with the Attack of the B-Team modpack and the plugin Factions on it! And YES! it is survival! Anyone that wants to play is welcome, On my servers I encourage amazing builds, keeping the land generally good looking, and making LOTS of jokes! The server ip is: mc7.fadehost.com:25674 Rule wise Im not much of a nag, but I do like it when everyone can respect each other and have a good time. The server will be up permanently for at least a year, so no need
  5. Hello friends Leaf here, Im done with college for awhile and I have a small 24 slot server for tekkit survival. If you are looking for a competitive, fun, and small private server you can call you own to play on I hope mine can provide that haven for you! Come one come all! -will start whitelisting if it gets too crazy. Server Ip: mc7.fadehost.com:25674 Rules: There are no banned items and no rules, we like to say treat others how you want to be treated. and we play by that rule so what goes around comes around. Peace makes peace war makes war etc. I'm 20 years old li
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