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  1. Hello viktorrr, Try making a new .bat with this format; @ECHO OFF SET BINDIR=%~dp0 CD /D "%BINDIR%" "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar Tekkit.jar PAUSE
  2. Description A bunch of textures made by our lovely friends in the credits that I put together to work with Tekkit SMP 2.1.1 Note: I DID NOT MAKE THESE TEXTURES, ALL TEXTURES WERE MADE BY THE PEOPLE IN THE CREDITS!!! If any texture creators have a problem having their textures being in this pack I will delete this post if necessary. See It In Action! What’s New? In the recent update of 2.0 I updated and added a lot of textures for Tekkit 2.1.1 support. Special thanks to pcmaster160 for keeping an updated library of the files! Installation Watch this video or follow the instructions below. 1. Download the regular Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack in the DOWNLOADS section of this page. Note: These are Sphax84's (Creator) Adfly links! 2. Download the Sphax Tekkit Support v2.0 in the DOWNLOADS section with the same size textures as the regular texture pack you just downloaded. 3. Go to start and type %appdata% then go to the roaming folder then the .techniclauncher folder then the tekkit folder and then the texturepacks folder. 4. Open the default Sphax texture pack and the Sphax Tekkit Support with 7-Zip or WinRar/Zip etc. and drag all of the contents of the Sphax Tekkit Support into the regular texture pack. 5. Drag the .zip both the default Sphax and Tekkit textures into the texturepacks folder. 6. Download the Optifine mod in the DOWNLOADS section. 7. Go to start and type %appdata% then go to the roaming folder then the .techniclauncher folder then the tekkit folder and then the bin folder. 8. Open the Optifine mod and the minecraft.jar with 7-Zip or WinRar/Zip etc. and drag all of Optifine's contents into the minecraft.jar and play! Downloads Download PureBDcraft (64x And 128x Are Recommended): Download Tekkit SMP 2.1.1 v2.0 - 64x: Download Tekkit SMP 2.1.1 v2.0 - 128x: Note: Sphax Tekkit SMP Support has more than 45,000 downloads! Download Optifine Mod: Note: Only use Optifine if you are having graphics issues or extreme lag, make sure to download the 1.1 version for Tekkit 2.1.1 Changelog 2.0 - Updated and added a lot of textures for Tekkit 2.1.1 support: 64x & 128x 1.9 - Updated Buildcraft, Charging Bench, Crafting Table II, and ComputerCraft: 128x and IndustrialCraft2: 64x 1.8 - Added Advanced Machines Again: 64x & 128x 1.7 - Updated RailCraft, Forestry, and IndustrialCraft 2, and fixed a bug with RedPower 2: 64x & 128x 1.6 - Added Support For Tekkit 2.0 (ComputerCraft & Equivalent Exchange 2): 64x & 128x 1.5 - Fixed Forestry & Redpower 2 Bugs: 64x, Added Additional Pipes: 64x & 128x 1.4 - Fixed Nether Ores Bug 1.3 - Added 128x 1.2 - Added Wireless Redstone, Nether Ores, Power Converters, Charging Bench:64x 1.1 - Added Minefactory Reloaded: 64x 1.0 - Uploaded 64x With Most Mods Credits Amon : Sphax Forestry 128x Amon : Redpower 2 128x & 64x BinaryConstruct : Power Converters 128x CadenDonuts : Buildcraft 128x & 64x CadenDonuts : Ender Chest 128x CadenDonuts : Wireless Redstone 128x HanFox : IC2 Advanced Machines 128x & 64x HanFox : Minefactory Reloaded 64x HanFox : Not Enough Items (NEI) 128x & 64x pcmaster160 : RailCraft 128x & 64x ruyan : IC2 128x & 64x ruyan : IC2 Charging Bench 128x ruyan : Minefactory Reloaded 128x ruyan : Nether Ores 128x secretzero : Sphax Forestry 64x streetstar5 : Additional Pipes & Logistics Pipes 128x Sphax84 : Sphax PureBDCraft 128x & 64x Am I missing a texture, a person in the credits, or need a texture re-size? PM me or leave a comment below.
  3. I made a Sphax Version for Tekkit.
  4. If it is updated for SMP and someone creates a Bukkit port for it I'm sure they will do their best to add it.
  5. The MCMMO plugin allows users to level up in their abilities (ex. Mining or Excavation) and gain"power ups" along the way. There is support for ChopTree so a user would have to level up in Woodcutting to use ChopTree.