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  1. Age: 32 IGN: Bakonon Time Zone: GMT-5 How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since Beta How long have you been playing Tekkit?: About a year Do you like any video games other than Minecraft, if so name some: Civ V, X-COM, Saints Row... lots of things! How much time would you dedicate to the server?: Probably 10 hours a week or so? Tell me in no less than 25 words what you can give to our server that noone else can: I'm patient, loyal, I've been an admin on some multiplayer games, I've run my own MC server for a few friends, I can give advice on brewing beer IRL and I've got wonderful taste in music. I've never trolled or griefed and I can contribute!
  2. Age: IGN: Bakonon Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I'm a social creature at times! What Do you want to Build? Underground stuff, tall spires, places to play!