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  1. I have searched the net.. and maybe I am just not getting lucky but although I find many people with a similar issue.. none seem to directly relate. Have a hosted server running a mix of mods, although much less from when I used to run my hexxit server and I didnt have this issue. I am getting some lag(mostly noticable with block breaking) and the Cant Keep up did the system time change message. Forgive my noobness, but is there any way I can tell where the issue is coming from? Is it something server side I can have them set? I see the message every few seconds or so with an occasional 5 min break. Most of the time server perfomance is just ok, but when its not you get quite a bit of the breaking of the blocks re-appearing. Thanks!
  2. Im using 1.7.10 version. In the past I have used worldguard for simple area protection of areas around the spawn, etc.. Now with bukkit going away I am not sure how to use that mod on my server.. Is there a forge based simple protection plugin or what is everyone doing?
  3. THIS was a night and day difference once installed on my server. Lag dissappeared, 0 freezing so far. Look for the latest jar in the thread as he doesnt appear to update the main post.
  4. Thanks Munaus. Wasnt sure if it was an actual issue or an error on my part when I first posted. I ended up just pulling the appropriate files from my server and was able to get it working that way. I do have a question though.. the server has 3 gig, hosted, but it seems laggy as hell. Freezes pretty frequently, crashed once or twice. Is this the performance you are all seeing multiplayer? If not I may try another host out to see if I can get some improvement.
  5. Tried adding the mod manually to the mod folder and minecraft will then crash once it attempts to load from the launcher.
  6. I keep getting this error from the Technic Launcher.. any ideas? I do have internet connectivity.
  7. Awesome thanks. I actually do have the forge version of dynmap and it seems to be working fairly well. I dont have the bridge though, so I will get that installed.
  8. I removed bukkitforge and installed MCPC by moving the .jar file over, starting server, stopping server, deleting the tekkit.jar, renaming the mcpc jar to Tekkit.jar. Server seems to work but throwing lots of errors(see below). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the advice. This may sound like a silly question, but I am pretty new to this...Is there any danger to switching now being I have dynmap installed? I assume I would just delete the bukkitforge file and then follow the installation instructions for MCPC?
  10. Hello all, I am pretty green to this all. I have set up a server for my son and his friends using a host. It is a Tekkit Space server. So far I have installed bukkitforge and the only plugins are dynmap and diablomods. Both seem to be working fine for the most part. As I was looking at installing a permission mod and maybe an economy mod for them I noticed many posts recommended MCPC over bukkitforge to avoid issues in the future. I am hoping some of you can let me know if I should switch at this point or just continue with that I have. I don't plan on adding many plugins for them.. but it would be nice to do some of the basics like permissions, griefprevention, world edit or similar, etc.. Any advice on this would be great. Thanks!