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  1. @Random003 Hey it has been a while, so this server have been running for 2 years now. Dang... I just went back a few days ago just to see my base still running. I hope it wasn't lagging the server while I was out for 2 years. How is yours doing? How are you doing? Were there any minor wars/major wars while I was gone? Did other veterans of this server like me who came back on not to while ago? Anything news worthy than the ones I stated above? Also I saw the messages you wrote in the /help command, especially the legacy items. You could blame me for that since I was the only one to ask you to turn on qcraft interserver warping, it was only a innocent move because I was on a dying server (almost shutdown) and didn't want to lose all my progress there while finding a new one like this. I am very sorry. It was nice being in your server again today I hope to meet you again the server one day. -Your Old Player in the server
  2. For some reason, I'm having trouble logging in the server. Everytime I try, it works but nothing loads. Then I get right after it, end of stream or connection reset, chris is getting this error too, more people may have this issue as well. Except for one atm.
  3. Do you think you can add one plugin that is just a mailing system because it is hard to catch someone online and I want to leave a message to that person when I'm offline. Going to a certain place like their base or to someone new on the server in spawn to leave a sign with limited space on it seems very inconvenient. (If no, can you ask FatelMiner what time he will be on again)
  4. I believe someone is having issues in connecting to the tekkit server, ChRiS03PwNd is having issues connecting, I see him try but get logged out. Unfortunately I have no connections/communications with him so I can't tell you when he would try again.
  5. TPPI Server is good for me, anyone wanna join me in this server if they feel like they got nothing to do in the other?
  6. I believe so, he had to make some changes to some of the config in a mod because there seemed to be lag from it. Or at least a person causing the mod to cause lag. No rollback.
  7. Hey I'm glad the server is still on for already almost a year and came back to see that my stuff is still there. Keep up this server even though not many will come atm, maybe later you gain some more or even your old players. I would like to meet you again
  8. something is causing lag again. Had to log out because of random overheating/death. Edit: nvm, it got fixed
  9. there is something in the server keeping me from logging in/ joining it and it keeps crashing the my tekkit client... can you set my position to spawn please? also my friends Reoland and madmok.
  10. In Game Name: pinballdude97 Age:16 How long you've been playing Tekkit: 2 months Loyalty to Servers: 9 Tekkit Talents: Not to much for talents, I pretty much understand how the block and wires behave and how to take advantage of them. Honestly, I've been watching videos about it and only played singleplayer tekkit. So this will be my first time on a tekkit server rather than vanilla minecraft. I understand the rules, and if i break them i will be unwhitelisted without hesitation