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  1. IGN: BarbaricZar Age: 11, though i'm very mature. Timezone: GMT+/--2:00 Explain, in your own words, Rule number 6: You cannot use EMC Collectors in public or they will be removed/confiscated by staff. How long have you played tekkit for? Quite long time (Around a year), ive also got experience with FTB. If you've been banned from another server, please explain it away here: Well, once i joined a FTB Server and at the moment i joined, a staff member decided to abuse he bombed the spawn and everybody was like "OMGZZZ ITS BARBARICZAR HE HACKER" And i got banned, but seriously? i didnt do anything wrong. Tell us something about yourself. Hmm, i'm a chilled little dude i love tekkit and its challenges, i dont use foul language i normally block out the word as there might be underaged children, i like Architecture i sketch and stuff, i dont rage easily or get mad i can handle myself pretty well. I dont what else i should say, if you got some questions ill answer them right away!