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  1. Server is (has been) down for a little while. It should be back up within a day, unless something catastrophic happens.
  2. Yup, chances are either the software on Monky's end closed for some reason (Power outage, computer reboot) or it just gagged on a bit of software and crashed. Either way, it'll probably be about four hours til we can reasonably expect the server to be back up.
  3. Holy eff people, is it really so hard to read? The Hexxit modpack by itself won't let you connect to the server; you need to have the thaumcraft 3.0.5h zip file added to the mods folder in the Hexxit directory to connect. Otherwise, the server will disconnect you since you're running a set of mods asynchronous to that of the server. Had about thirty people disconnect as a result of this. Come on. >.<
  4. IGN: Phaeroth Age: 21 It'll take me a couple minutes to install Thaumcraft. ... Again.