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  1. I've been patiently waiting to be re-whitelisted, and still no response. I downloaded the link Thoran supplies and updated my launcher. Hope you guys can do this soon.
  2. It says I'm not whitelisted anymore. Just wanted to point that out. Hope I can get back in soon. IGN is the same as this screen name.
  3. I'm installing Thaumcraft as we speak. I've gotten a tad bored with all the Hexxit servers that can't utilize the additions properly into their server, so I'm hoping/guessing that you're rather adept at doing so since you're hosting a server that contains even more. Info Name:Blake Age:21 Tenure (Minecraft): 4-5 Years Short Bio: I'm a bartender, I'm usually up at weird hours due to the odd schedules I work at this one bar (usually 9-3...AM.) I'm an avid Hexxit player and I'm looking for a new experience. Hopefully (and it seems like I'm making a good investment) this server is the one I'm looking for! I'll help out any way I can. I'm a rather decent builder, if I do say so myself.