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  1. IGN:joshlevy555 Age:13 Timezone: GMT -5 (New York City time) Explain, in your own words, Rule number 6: If you can see our EE stuff, you will take it away How long have you played tekkit for? About 7 months (i think) If you've been banned from another server, please explain it away here: Tell us something about yourself. I really like tekkit, I know a lot about it, and have been looking for a very long time to find a good one with a reasonable ban item list and good community. Hope to see you on the server!
  2. 1- In-game Name :joshlevy555 2- Experience in Minecraft : just over a year, I know everything except for some potions. been playing since pre-1.4. 3- Experience in Tekkit : about 9 months, I'm a master at EE2, IC2, and I'm pretty good at buildcraft. I know bits and pieces of other stuff too, but I'm hoping to learn about RedPower and Railcraft. 4- What you wish to see in the server : I'd like a greif/raid free server where I can build whatever I like. I'm also hoping from a nice welcoming community, I don't see much of that anymore. 5- Have you read the rules? : Yep 6- Do you have skype? - Yes :josh.levy555 7- What is the secret word? ; Maniumox I play a lot of tekkit and will spend a pretty big chunk of time on the server as long as it stays up. I really apreciate it, thanks!
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