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  1. Kaalhos has a point. He did kind of rant, *clears throat in general direction*, but it was really *&!^% immature of them.
  2. It is was informative to se the vid of them griefing another server. http://www.youtube.com/user/teamlixo/featured . They used a few simple hacks to ruin other entire servers. In the future, I think that anyone from Team Lixo should be automatically banned. They had a chance, and blew it big time.
  3. Apparently, Team Lixo does server greifing for a past time, check out the YouTube channel "TeamLixo"
  4. So, it happened again. LOLJesusDied, from Team Lixo, came onto the revamped server, and replicated what he had done before. HE says that someone on the server put a poisoned plugin into bukkit. As long as the community stays together, we can resolve this. (P.S.-this time the dude hacked in as plow)
  5. So, apparently, spawn was nuked, after a troll, or angry player hacked in, used creative (he may have used ally's name) and decimated our builds. At the old address, there is a server being run by plow, and you can play there until we sort this mess out.
  6. Can you send me the IP for Jackson craft, and the pack details? I don't think we should kill the server entirely, but if the map is ruined, perhaps we need to start from scratch. Circle Craft is the friendliest server I've seen yet, and i'd hate to see the players disperse. BTW, what actually happened to the server?
  7. Hello! 33high here, wondering firstly if this is plowman99. If so, do you run any servers for those who had been on circle craft?

    1. plowmanplow


      Yep. Lemme see what I can cook up.
  8. Yo, 33high here, and I've heard the server died, but that plow has a server. Just wondering about that.

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