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  1. IGN: Fluffy_Duffy Age: 15 Timezone: Pacific Time Zone Explain, in your own words, Rule number 6: So first off, 'collectors' sort light sources into EMC. You can create Collector Farms to generate insane amounts of EMC for yourself but some servers don't allow this and see it as cheap and unfair (e.g. this server states in rule 7a. "This includes EMC farms!" as a dupe glitch). So, if you use collectors in a non-duped way, you must keep them inside your house/property. It doesn't quite state if the could be on your roof or not but I would assume that's ok as long as its not blatantly obvious. How long have you played tekkit for?: I've played Tekkit on and off for about a year. I've just got back into it and I want to look for a server to play on with a good community. If you've been banned from another server, please explain it away here: I was banned once for offering to help with someone's faction base. So I guess offering help? Tell us something about yourself: I really enjoy the mass production side of Tekkit, and I really hope to start a factory and produce many items for the people of the world. Maybe open a chain of general stores? So really I want to play the factory aspect of Tekkit. If I can't then it's no biggie but that's what I'm hoping to play. Thank you for looking at my resume. Hopefully I will see you on the other side soon! -Fluffy_Duffy
  2. Hey, I want to play on a server no more then really 16 or 24 people. I like to know people I play with typically, because the community aspect of Minecraft/Tekkit is what's really fun for me. I also want it to be a very natural game. Not where you start off with full iron armor and weapons. Or server vote perks either. The fact that you can get a Mk1 Relay just by voting seems to take all the fun out of it knowing I could just vote if I wanted to get the stuff. So, to sum it up: 24 people max server Least amount of banned items Hardly any server vote perks I understand what I want is like slim to none to find but if you have a server or know of one people let me know. I would really appreciate it! Thanks, -Fluffy_Duffy P.S. If I need to be white-listed my 'resume' is: IGN: Fluffy_Duffy Played for 2 years Enjoy working for my stuff, not receiving Obey rules Not rude I enjoy PvP under one condition. Only when I'm winning. Disregard the PvP thing, I'm a good sport.
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