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  1. Concerning your Ring Type Fusion Reactor setup. I tested this in singleplayer creative and it produced enough steam to run 96 large steam turbines. After checking the liquiducts with my multimeter after adding 24 large steam turbines at a time it would most likely produce enough steam for another additional 24-48 large steam turbines. This amount of energy production is starting to push the limits of Redstone Energy Conduits, afaik. IIRC someone tested that they would go +++2600 MJ/t.
  2. I'll share my solution: Item Tesseract -> Golden Transport Pipe -> ME Interface -> ME Cable that connects to my main ME network. DSU's connected to ME network with storage bus, item set to storage bus, priority set to +64.
  3. Interesting! I tested this just now in singleplayer creative mode and indeed an REC connected directly from 5 sides to a Energy Tesseract (per side) recharged the cell to 600k MJ in approx. 60 seconds. This is 10k MJ/s which is 500 MJ/t which is 100MJ/t/Energy Tesseract. Now this could be a bug or a feature and without being able to see the source code of the cell and conduit it is hard to say which it is.
  4. Slight sidenote concerning the power storage of the aforementioned steam turbine layout running at max speed. The produced power of 30x20,25MJ/t required 7 redstone energy cells to store it without the loss of 7,5MJ/t. Also note that the input cap of a redstone energy cell is NOT per face. Even if the cell has 6 inputs the maximum amount it can take in is the 100 MJ/t (defaults to max).
  5. Some of this might be repeating jakalth has already mentioned but I did some more singleplayer creative mode testing with a fission reactor, liquiducts, steam storage, redstone energy conduits and redstone energy cells. 1. Storing steam is, in my opinion after my tests, a futile attempt at best. I had 18x4 Liquid Managers (128 buckets per Liquid Manager) and a fission reactor running at peak will fill all of these in a matter of minutes. Then considering that when you have to pipe the steam out it will pipe out at max rate of a liquiduct and even handful (approx. 20) will consume the stored steam fast. So a direct feed to your turbine liquiduct line, in my opinion, is the best solution although there might be some loss of steam. Also consider the amount of liquiducts, liquid manager and rednet cabling you have to make for this storage. 2. A turbine has no "spin up" time if it is fed steam at maximum rate be it small or large steam turbine. It will instantly generate peak rate power even though the block animation might make it look otherwise. 3. A small steam turbine generates 2,25 MJ/t. A large steam turbine generates 20,25 MJ/t. 9x2,25MJ/t = 20,25MJ/t (!!!). So the only plus side of greating a large steam tubine seems to be the possible savings in conduit and liquiduct lines. And perhaps less server load? This was tested by small and large turbines separately connected by liquiducts from stored steam and power outputted to separate empty redstone energy cells and measured at cell input with a multimeter. Average for 20 ticks were 2,25 MJ/t and 20,25 MJ/t. 4. Only a single input of steam from any side expect dead center is required for a turbine. There seems to be no gain/loss if a turbine has more than 1 input of a liquiduct. 5. A turbine, small or large, has only one power output and that is dead center above. 6. Most "efficient" layout for large steam turbines would seem to be 3x7 and 3 high as "described" below: (T turbine, L liquiduct, P power conduit, A air) 1. level TTTLTTT TTTLTTT TTTLTTT 2. level AATTTAA APTTTPA AATTTAA 3. level AAAAAAA APPPPPA AAAAAAA With this setup a 3x7x3 space has 3 large steam turbines. Extending this along the liquiduct at first level center makes it nice and extendable along the liquiduct axis. Also it is easy to extend it parallel like this: 1. level TTTLTTTTTTLTTT TTTLTTTTTTLTTT TTTLTTTTTTLTTT With this kind of setup you can place 30 large steam turbines with the confines of a single chunk (16x16) and 3 high. There is 1 block wide space left on one side (axis) of this layout and 2 block wide space left on the other side (axis) to run for example liquiduct lines. 7. Not knowing the mechanics and properties of liquiducts (how much they can transfer and is it per "face" and so on) there is the possibility of bottlenecks and optimization improvements.
  6. #8 Last sentence is incorrect, right? Using a chemical extractor creates 3 yellowcake. A yellow cake creates the same amount of Uranium Hexafluoride as a single Uranium Ore. So by using a chemical extractor you triple the amount of refined uranium. Also if the output slot of a chemical extractor is not empty when it is creating yellowcake from uranium ore only a single yellowcake will be produced (bug/feature, not sure).
  7. #5 Slightly unclear. Do you mean when placed over water or hooked up with say liquiducts? Because you can connect liquiducts from the top part of a large steam turbine (except center which is for power). Even the sides works.
  8. Hello, I'm having problems with Galacticrafts Oxygen Sealers. Based on my testing it seems that everytime I try to enable a seal, it will seal an area, it causes enormous "lag". What I mean that when I break blocks or pull levers, collect items or interact with anything it's all lagging like hecklingfudgestick. I did several different combinations of Oxygen Collecotors, Redstone Energy Conduits, Oxygen Pipes, Sealable Oxygen Pipes and Oxygen Sealers. It's would seem that it's always the part when I'm able to seal an area and enable the seal it this lagging starts. So it would appear to be somehow caused by the Oxygen Sealers or the Oxygen Sealers trigger this problem that could be in a different GC block. Has anyone else encountered this? I'm also 99,99% sure that this is caused by Galacticraft so please don't bother blabbering nonsense about hardware, software, drivers, network connections or the server.
  9. Did another test with another fissile rod that had around 1500 seconds remaining according to UI and the item charge bar was approx in the middle. Around 700-850 seconds that the fission reactor UI showed it turned into another "nearly spent" fissile rod.
  10. I did a bit more testing and I might have miscalculated the power output. My power storage consists of 12 REC's set up like below (C is cell, + is conduit): +C+C+ +C+C+ +C+C+ +C+C+ +C +C+ +C+C+ +_+_+ +++++ So each cell has two power inputs (So each cell can recharge max 200 MJ/T as it's 100 MJ/t per connection). I first thought that the middle conduit lanes would count as two when examining with a multimeter but it would seem that the multimeter doesn't count per connection but the total of it. Now I have 15 large steam turbines and the connections on the sides displayed average 16,874979 MJ/t an d the middle conduits showed the same figure. So calculating this is 18 conduits times 16,874979 MJ/t totals up to 303,749622 MJ/t. This divided by the amount of turbines is 303,749622 MJ/T / 15 large steam turbines is 20,2499748 MJ/t per large steam turbine. Also I noticed that the fission reactor "seems" a bit buggy. I had a cell that had according to the UI over 800 seconds remaining and maybe a minute or so later it was displaying the same 2500 / 50000 readings as before in my spent fissile rod that was used up. The UI sometimes also bugs out in atleast in the temperature reading. When I opened it up once the temperature reading started going up and up. After it reached around 2700 centigrade, I closed the fission reactor UI and checked the Thermometer module reading and it was happily hovering around 1600 - 1650 centigrade. Based on these fission can be useful but from what I've read it's really a lot crappier than fusion. The abovementioned fissile rod weirdness is one big let down because basically I lost 25% runtime/power generation on that rod. Also it REALLY sucks that the "spent" fissile rods look EXACTLY like a fresh one. Same item ID, no charge bar or indicator where the player would know it's nearly spent. You can workaround this by storing these in a different labeled chest I guess but it's a workaround none the less. Also taking total advantage of the steam generated would required enormous amounts of resources for the turbines (copper mainly is the problem atleast for me). It would be nice if there would be additional turbine types or you could combine the large steam turbines into something even bigger single unit. Also my large steam turbines seem to (atleast) visually bug out. On few of them the corner pieces show up as small steam turbines but it has the large steam turbine look and seems to work as a large steam turbine. This is remedied by click it with a wrench turning it to 9 small steam turbines and then clicking again to make it a large steam turbine. This is tedious but it only looks like a visual bug but cannot confirm this 100%. Would be more advantegous if there would be reciped for creating large steam turbines in a workbench/assembly table/whatever block. Recipe for large steam turbine requiring 9 small steam turbines and you could convert large back to 9 small steam turbines. Also would be useful if you could combine say Y amount of large steam turbines to something even "bigger". I don't know how it's currently implement in the coding side but I would be pretty sure that a small X-large steam turbine (Or something like this) would be less stressful than dozens and dozens of large steam turbines or hundreds of small steam turbines. Next on my list is trying a breeder reactor setup and see can I charge the fissile rods and is it IMO worth it or should fission reactors really just be skipped and go straight for fusion.
  11. Kept using the fissile rod in the reactor and after a while my turbines stopped. So I checked the reactor and the input was empty. Is the fissile rod destroyed if it's used when it's "spent"? Do I have to monitor the reactor closely and grab the fissile rod from it before the charge bar of it is gone? My thermometer was also stuck at 723 centrigade, toxicity reached 24865 dm3 (whatever that means), temperature 0 centigrade and steam 0,5. Maybe the thermometer just somehow bugged out on it's reading.
  12. So far from my little experiments it would seem that 10 large steam turbines generate approximately 270 MJ/t so around 27 MJ/t per large steam turbine. The reactor Steam per second maxed out around 3,0 this time. I wonder what this figure actually means. Steam funnels can be stacked as high as wanted. There were some odd things that I noticed. I placed a fresh fissile rod in the reactor. Let it ran out so that the "time left" reached 0 second 50000 then I thought I'll go change it. It just kept going. The fission reactor displayed 2500 seconds 50000 and kept boiling the water. The toxicity number kept rising constantly though. I wonder what it actually means. Steam generation was steady around 3,0 per second. Temperature stayed at the same level the entire time leveling out around 1650 centigrade. When I hovered over the fissile rod it didn't display the "charge bar for it" or the amount of charge in it. I wonder if this is a bug or there's something about this that eludes me still.
  13. Please re-read threat title. It's fission, not fusion. So please do not spam this thread with comments as to how superior fusion reactor's are, thank you. Hello all, Steve here again. I'm having some doubts about setting up my first fission reactor. Also it is very hard to find any useful up-to-date information as most discussions seems to lean towards fusion power. So far I have managed to set up a working fission reactor and fissile material production. My questions are more about turbine setup/layout. Take a 5x5 of water and put a fission reactor in the middle of it and it will heat up the 5x5 -1 block of water around it. So I have room for 24 little turbines above the boiling blocks of water. When I examine the reactor it seems to max out at 10,0 Steam per second. How much steam does it take to power a turbine or how much steam does a turbine consume? How much power does a single little turbine produce? How about the large steam turbine (3x3 small ones, click wrench thing)? How do I measure these metrics? Steam funnels, I noticed I can use a liquiduct to pipe the steam around. Does it matter how many steam funnels I stack before I connect my liquiduct on the top steam funnel? Do I have to connect the liquiduct to the top one? Does it matter? Afaik steam funnels only stack upways/upwards. I tested and I noticed I can use a single boiling block of water, steam funnels and liquiducts to power atleast 12 large steam turbines at maximum speed by the look of the blades spinning. And "Breeder reactors". To my understanding this involes 5 fission reactors where the middle one has a spent fissile rod and the 4 fission reactors around it have breeder rods and these breeder rods "refuel" or "reinrich" (?) the spent fissile rod? Is this correct? Can I use this breeder reactor to also create steam? Also some of the data in the fission reactor screen. What do they mean: -toxicity (dm3) -temperature (It seems to be different than what my thermometers displays) -steam emission: x,yz/second (Amount of steam the reactor generates per block or total?) -time left: 1234 seconds 12345 (First is time, second is ?)
  14. Hello, Steve here again. I'm having trouble finding uranium ore on our server running standard Tekkit 1.1.8. Am I correct to assume that uranium ore is not enabled by default based on this in the cfg file: ore_generation{ B:"Generate Uranium Ore"=false } So if this is change to true and server rebooted then new chunks should possibly generate uranium ore in them? Also what do these cfg's do and should they be changed: general{ B:"Allow Layered Turbines"=false B:"Allow Radioactive Ores"=false B:"Allow Toxic Waste"=true B:"Disable Radiation"=false B:"Radioactive Ores"=false I:"Steam Ratio"=40 D:"Turbine Output Multiplier"=4.5 I:"Uranium Hexafluoride Ratio"=200 } The setting "Allow Radioactive Ores = false" is a bit confusing one when there is the "Generate Uranium Ore" setting and uranium ore is radioactive I believe. Ps. What is uranite/uraninite? I googled a bit and that word came up in a few posts.
  15. The exception means that an interface was changed to a class but there are still other classes implementing the non-existing interface. Plainly: Incompatible/conflicting jars somewhere along the way afaik.
  16. Hey, Me yet again with morebrilliant questions. Where do you find texture packs for Tekkit (1.1.8) and how do you install them? Is installing them the same as in normal Minecraft? As I understand Tekkit is a compilation (?) of mods so do I have to install a specific texture pack per mod or is there's some kind of texture pack that would work for all the mods in Tekkit (Normal 1.1.8, no extra mods installed on the server)? Another thing that eludes me is that is there a way to reset the power armor appearance? I pressed the default L to check how the colouring and hiding of parts works and it made the whole armor invisible. Also there seems to be the default armor "texture" (?) then the extra ones from the MPS bonus mod. Should I only use the textures from the default one (named armor) or the MPS ones (named MPS) in the colouring window when pressing L key?
  17. You could try looking at the log files or console what's happening. In the launcher right corner is the gear, click it. Clicking "Logs" will open your log file directory. Clicking "show console" displays the console.
  18. Phazeonphoenix thanks for your help. Your comparison of MJ to liquids in pipes is actually pretty brilliant. Digdug83: I actually examined a quarry with the multimeter and it said "Requesting 500,0". If you examine a cell with a multimeter it says "Requesting 100,0". This I think means that in the cell control panel you can see that (by default) it's input is set to maximum 100 MJ/t. So when the quarry is asking for 500,0 I think it means it wants 500 MJ/t. I also remember reading this from another wiki or forum post.
  19. Hey jakalth, Thanks a bunch. That's some sweet information right there. I just noticed that if you examine a liquiduct with the multimeter it tells you the type, amount and transfer rate. I'm not sure what the amount means as I examined a liquiduct transferring water (14000mB) and another one transferring redstone liquid (7500mB). This goes a bit off title but does a quarry also input power per side? And does this go for most other mods? So instead of sticking a single red energy conduit in my quarries I'd connect it with four conduits (left, right, back,down and up reserved for materials).
  20. Hello, I'm having problems finding out information about Redstone Energy Cells and Conduits. Does the conduit have a max capacity of how much power it can carry over? I mean if I have single pipe of conduits how much power can I run through it in MJ/t or MJ/s? When you examine a conduit with a multimeter it says "Saturation X,Y%". What does this mean? When I examine for example a cell input with it it says "Average Distribution (X ticks): Y,Z". What does this mean? I have a setup where I have a line of conduits like (A conduit input, B is cell, C conduit output) AAAAAAAAA xxBBBBBBBB xxCCCCCCCCC When I power my quarries from end of C output the multimeter says saturation is 100,0%. Does this mean it's topping out the amount of power I can run through it? Also the batteries deplete/recharge at varying levels. If I have my engine array connected to start of A input at say 80MJ/t does the cells get equal amount of recharge at 10MJ/t (8 cells, 80MJ/t input so 10MJ/t per cell)? Also in the aforementioned setup do the cells discharge energy equally? So if I have the cells setup to output the maximum 100 MJ/t each do they discharge at equal level? Each tick each cell is discharged 100MJ? What if the output power requirement is below or above the amount the cell array can output? What happens if power requirement is say 1500MJ/t compared to 500MJ/t? About liquiducts what is the capacity in those? I mean how much can they transport (?) in or out in mB?
  21. THIS! OMG! THIS was what made the makeshift battery bleed. Thank you! Another question, is there a "lookup" table anywhere that shows me what items I have to use to recover an item? (Break it and get it back) I have like 4 tools/wrenches/whatever from different mods and only one that has worked like that is the crescent hammer for pulverizer in sneak mode. Makeshift batterries cannot be moved? Is this correct? Experimenting like this is getting expensive.
  22. Hey, New Tekkit (1.1.8) player here with some questions I haven't found any definite answers yet: Which is the correct wiki to browse for information about Tekkit 1.1.8? Googling around I've found about a dozen wikis saying different things when it comes to different mods and this is very confusing. Quarry, steam (TE) engine and conductive pipes. This is what confuses me the most at this moment. I have 1 quarry, 8 steam engines (TE steam engines, NOT stirling) and they're hooked up with gold conductive pipes. When I turn all the engines on they start out generating 4 MJ/t (Technicpack wiki says it only generates max 2 MJ/t) and their internal capacity goes to 0->80->0 and this is what I was expecting. But after a while I go look on them again and 4 of the steam engines have their internal capacity maxed out at 4000. If one steam engine generates 4 MJ/t and times 8 is 32 MJ/t. According to technicpack.net wiki quarry can take (maybe?) up to 48 MJ/t. So why are the steam engine internal capacities maxing out? Am I just wasting fuel keeping those 4 steam engines on? I have the engines in two rows, each engine is connected to the gold conductive pipes with a wooden conductive pipe. The pipes from the engines are linked together and only a single gold conductive pipe goes to the quarry. What is the status of conductive pipes in 1.1.8? I take it they do not explode anymore? Do they have some sort of limit on how much MJ/t or MJ/s they can transmit? Do they still waste power per block transmitted as some wikis say? Makeshift battery does not hold it's charge. Ok this might be error on my side but it does not seem to keep it's charge. I have 2 steam (TE) engines connected to a makeshift battery which then is connected by a single line that divides into 3 different lines and connects to induction smelter, pulverizer and powered furnace. I look the machine internal capacities and they're full and the machines are not processing anything. Makeshift battery is at 10,000 MJ and I turn steam engines off and the battery starts to bleed power around 1 MJ/s (maybe a bit more). Do the machines (Powered furnace, pulverizer, induction smelter) "consume" energy even when they're not processing anything and their internal capacity is full? Do I have to connected them to my rednet cable network and hook them up to levers that turn them "off" or something like that? Land marks, can I create a quarry area that is not a rectangle? For example a penta-, octa or hexagon? Or does it always have to be a rectangle? For the life of me I cannot figure these out.
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