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  1. To anyone getting the Error message ""An error has occurred and a log has been created." No matter what you do, I managed to fix this really really easily, it seems to be a problem with the "add world" function. The simple way to fix this problem is to do the following: 1) Copy your Server "World" folder (nothing else is needed) 2) Go to your .minecraft folder in your app data (sorry non windows users I don't know where this is for you guys/gals). 3) Paste the server world folder in the saves folder. Rename as appropriate in order not to screw over your single player worlds. 4) Reopen the conversion app, you should now be able to use the drop down list and see your world. Select it. 5) Follow the original instructions as stated above and your world will convert. 6) Copy your newly converted world folder and paste it into your server (I found it best to put this in a clean server install) Note you MAY lose one or two items you are carrying but everything in the boxes are there. Hope this helps.
  2. Running: Windows Vista 64Bit Ultimate edition SP2(All up to date with latest windows updates). Java: 1.7.0_10 (Latest version downloaded it and retried world conversion before making this post). Tekkit: 3.1.2 minecraft build 1.2.5 If you need anything else let me know
  3. Following the instructions given on this page, no matter which world I try to convert I recieve: "An error has occurred and a log has been created." Can't seem to locate an error log to find out what the issue might be. I realise I could recreate the server world as I have the seed but we've built up so much I really don't want to start over. The Seed Spawns an NPC village and the player default spawn point is at the village center with an abundance of resources and what seems to be a jungle so thick that mobs that usually only hang out at night survive at all times of the day right on its boarder making a good atmospheric feature, I really don't want to lose this. I even tried to use MCEdit copying over the work we have done but this seems to generate an error for all external connections. Can someone let me know what might be causing the issue? Thanks.
  4. Title: External only: Disconnect.overflow Tekkit Lite server Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows Vista 64bit ultimate Java Version: 1.7.0_06 Description of Problem: Whenever external users attempt to connect to my Tekkit lite server they recieve a disconnect.overflow error. However internal connections work fine. Error Messages: Lost Connection: disconnect.overflow Error Log: bladderfishbladderfish 2013-01-06 20:08:26 [iNFO] Bladderfish lost connection: disconnect.overflow 2013-01-06 20:08:33 [iNFO] User Bladderfish connecting with mods [RedPowerWiring, ThermalExpansion|NEI, BuildCraft|Transport, OmniTools, RedPowerCompat, AdvancedPowerManagement, snyke7_Transformers, MFReloaded|CompatIC2, RedPowerLogic, ThermalExpansion|Energy, AdvancedMachines, IronChest, MFReloaded|CompatRP2, BuildCraft|Energy, Railcraft, EE3, ImmibisCore, LogisticsPipes|Main, factorization, RedPowerLighting, MFReloaded|CompatPamsHarvestCraft, RedPowerBase, MFReloaded|CompatExtraBiomes, MFReloaded, ThermalExpansion, NetherOres, BuildCraft|Silicon, weaponmod, APUnofficial, ThermalExpansion|Transport, IC2NuclearControl, BuildCraft|Core, ThermalExpansion|Factory, CompactSolars, DimensionalAnchors, IC2, StevesCarts, Mystcraft, ComputerCraft, TreeCapitator, BuildCraft|Factory, RedPowerMachine, RedPowerCore, CCTurtle, AdvancedRepulsionSystems, Tubestuff, RedPowerControl, BuildCraft|Builders, RedPowerWorld] 2013-01-06 20:08:33 [iNFO] Bladderfish[/] logged in with entity id 19262 at (240.5, 64.0, 246.5) 2013-01-06 20:08:33 [iNFO] {Forge Essentials} laphtiyabladderfish 2013-01-06 20:08:33 [iNFO] {Forge Essentials} washu86bladderfish 2013-01-06 20:08:33 [iNFO] {Forge Essentials} bladderfishbladderfish 2013-01-06 20:08:35 [iNFO] Bladderfish lost connection: disconnect.overflow