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  1. From what I remember Big Dig 1.3.9 the harvester's did not work at all, except with Obsidian, and this problem was largely fixed for BD 1.3.13. So there may be a little confusion between people troubleshooting if ppl are using and talking about 2 different versions of Big Dig.
  2. Aroma1997 Dimension Mod adds a Mining Dimension that would be good for single-player, especially server play. It's too alleviate stripping the world and having huge chunks and holes in the overworld. And with Big Dig being about "MOAR ore", it seems like a perfect fit. Has anyone done this on their own and successfully added it?
  3. When trying to get SEUS(shader) to work -- the important thing is -- I think -- Minecraft version, Forge version and Optifine version. If you're looking for tutorials -- the official SEUS MC forum thread is actually extremely informative and has most, if not all, the info you need. Getting shaders to work is a tricky business so there's not much in the way of standaradized tutorials based of specific needs. It's basically "Getting shaders to work with Minecraft". I got SEUS to work with my MC 1.5.2 game, but that's because I had the luxury of using the version of Forge that the version of Optifine that SEUS recommended for 1.5.2. As Big Dig 1.3.9 already has a specific version of Forge -- if that's not compatible with SEUS (and I should mention -- compatible ALSO with the "shaders mod" that SEUS says you also need to install) then it likely won't work. The more specific versions of things you keep sticking onto Minecraft, the more difficult it can be to fine compatibility. It likely is impossible unless you could easily create a new Big Dig .jar with a compatible Forge version. I tried it with zero success as I don't know what else is changed in the Big Dig .jar and changing the Forge version also messes up compatibility with some of the versions of the coremods in Big Dig 1.3.9 just further making it difficult. Maybe it's possible with less work -- but if you really, really want to try it -- my recommendation is building your own "Big Dig" from scratch, starting with all the compatible versions of Forge, Optifine, Shaders Mod and SEUS that you need first. THEN, start slowly adding the mods that Big Dig uses -- asking how each mod's configs are used(or copying Big Dig's configs over) and testing after each and every little mod addition/change.
  4. Does anyone know exactly why they work, as of 1.3.13? I'm wondering, because I don't want to upgrade my 1.3.9-- I'd like to keep it for now, but if I could update Magical Crops and/or MFR properly to get them working, that would be awesome.
  5. I am only guessing here, but Feed The Beast is insanely popular. You can tell a little about the ebb-and-flow of popularity on games by the Wiki(s). FTB's wiki is updated like hotcakes, news for FTB is everywhere and at any given time, most(or all) livestreamers on Twitch are on FTB. It is my belief that Technic is getting a huge amount "less" in the way of help from community(communities) at this time. CanVox is testing Big Dig 1.x.13 right now (There's a thread you can follow its progress) so finishing a stable build of 13 looks to be quite a ways off, let alone even beginning the process of a .14. I personally love Big Dig .9 (even with all its failings), but it seems obvious to me that all the speed in completing things and testing and working is on FTB's side right now, because, simply, a large amount of people, modders and devs have totally flooded it and gotten on bored in actually doing work, lots of work, bug testing/fixing and all right now. I personally am a very "open-source"-ish type of person when it comes to advancing gaming of any shape and size, so hope the best for everyone and we all win. Maybe some more can get on board helping CanVox, but props to him for doing all the insane amount of work that's required.
  6. Hello, In the scheme of things, I'm fairly new to playing with mods, but am learning a lot all the time. I have YouTube and Twitch.TV videos I make when I can. Super Magic This is a single-player and server-based set of 70 mods that are based off Arkenor Oakshadow's original Let's Play series. The focus is on a heavy magic-based, survival world. There are tech-mods, but I limit myself somewhat to maintain a more "magic" aesthetic. The world has Ars Magic and Thaumcraft as well as many other magical-based mods, lots of animal, fish and fishing mods and a bunch of other mods. A key to this world is the heavily tweaked config files to deliver a uniquely balanced, "realistic" magic world. I usually keep episodes short (~15 minutes) and try to focus on one or one-part of a mod in each episode, as well as my gradual growth and progression in becoming a master wizard. You can watch the first 18 episodes on my old YouTube channel: And the continuation of this series on my new YT channel: Big DigXL I took Big Dig 1.3.9 and added Biomes O' Plenty, ExtrabiomesXL, Bibliocraft and MrCrayfish's Furniture mod. I have multiple single-player worlds and a server. I mostly livestream from the server and my single-player worlds on my Twitch.TV channel, but I do upload highlights and previews to my YouTube channel as well. http://www.twitch.tv/stratxgaming/profile I don't limit myself to only Minecraft videos, but Minecraft is my current obsession. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment here or on the videos on what you like or don't like about them. My style I can be slow(I like to say "methodical"), a little obstinate and "different" when I play anything. In Minecraft, I like learning, but I'm not very hardcore into going after efficiency and speed as many Minecraft livestreamers do. I'm a cross between immersion, creative and survival. I like to learn better ways of doing things... sometimes. I can also get obstinate and purposefully try to do something different from what currently seems popular in MC communities. I may cover how a little known mod(or part of a mod) works, build a gigantically convoluted series of pipes -- because I'm having fun doing it at the time. I may spend more time some nights(videos) building a creative house rather than learning how a mod works or focusing on "progression" or speed. I can just be -- different. I like to say "Travelling to the beat of your own drum is what's cool." I don't like to be loud, goofy or vulgar. That may make me seem a bit boring at times, but that's the real me -- who I am. I do like to be "exciting", because it's always good to be at the top of your game, whether you're a DJ, working at a bookstore or whatever -- you do want to put your all into it, just not totally fake some kind of weird "personality".
  7. You want mods that make resources(coal, diamond, copper, etc...) appear above ground? Like in chunks on top of the ground? Big Dig has ore-gravel that appears in small chunks on the surface already, but I don't know of any mods that do that. Maybe if you look in Cofh, where the amounts of ore that are generated can be adjusted. That's how Big Dig already has more ore than a normal Minecraft world. As for mods that add more ore -- there is Metallurgy that adds a lot of new ores and the amounts that spawn in a world can be adjusted, but I think it's config messes with the normal ore generation, so you'll probably need to check the config to make sure it doesn't overwrite Big Digs ore-generation settings. You may also want to increase the amount of ore that only the Metallurgy mod normally generates as, to match the variety and plentifulness that Big Dig offers. I do not know if you can adjust ore to spawn above ground, though. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/744918-15x162forgesmp-metallurgy-putting-the-mine-back-in-minecraft/
  8. Big dig has a pipe that is just, simply called "Water Pipe". I'm assuming it was from only a few versions of Buildcraft, because I can't find info about it on the BC wiki, but the Water Pipe seems to correctly pump water into a tank. I've got a pump at a pond with only Water Pipes connecting from the pump to the tank. No wooden pipes or anything. And 2 redstone engines directly connected to the pump and turned on with a lever on each. I'm going to test through other pipes, though, this is just my initial tests. @Maddawg5450 I noticed it shows water inside your tank, in one of your pictures. Will it only start showing water inside, after the water-level reaches a certain amount(Like at least 50% full or something)? I have a 9x9x9 going and so far I'm up to around 768,000mb or 768 buckets of water and more being pumped in. 9x9x9 is quite a large looking tank once you have it built and I used glass for the walls, but it still appears empty. Info on Dynamic tanks is very sparse online. This short thread is the best source of info I've found anywhere so far. @Lethosos Is OpenBlocks in Big Dig 1.3.9? Edit: I can't access my world at all, due to consistent crashing upon trying to relog, after I tried putting a "Liquid Logistic Pipe" onto a valve. I've crashed 3 times in a row, during world-loading. I just can't get in and get this error: ------------------------------- ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Shall we play a game? Time: 10/16/13 1:49 AM Description: Unexpected error java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: buildcraft.transport.PipeTransport.delveIntoUnloadedChunks()Z at logisticspipes.ticks.WorldTickHandler.tickEnd(WorldTickHandler.java:107) at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.tickEnd(SingleIntervalHandler.java:34) at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.tickEnd(FMLCommonHandler.java:141) at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onPostClientTick(FMLCommonHandler.java:367) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71407_l(Minecraft.java:1902) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(Minecraft.java:835) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:760) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows: -----------------------
  9. Dynamic Tanks are extremely interesting. I'm really happy I discovered them in Big Dig, but have a question about "combining tanks". From what I've read in this thread, Dynamic tanks hold less than Iron Tanks from Railcraft, but they can be made larger as well(awesome). Can dynamic tanks be combined in any way? I was looking at Xycraft's "Multi-tanks" which seem to take the idea of Iron Tanks a little further with some slight modifications. One thing that's mentioned is Multi-tanks have a valve that when connected between two tanks it will balance storage between the tanks -- just a way of balancing and extending functionality. I'm just now starting to experiment with Dynamic Tanks, but my main question was just whether two or more tanks could be combined, or set next to each other with a valve block or 2(1 for each tank) connected together, or just by using some pipe(whether liquiducts, BC pipes or somethings else)?
  10. Technic Launcher will automatically read what version of Java you have. Unfortunately, the 32-bit Java only allows a max of 1Gb of Memory. The 64-bit version allows you to go higher. Did you try it with 1Gb and the other settings I mentioned?
  11. Double-check your Technic Launcher settings, and try: "Always use Stable Build" Memory: (I recommend at least 2Gb of memory) Check-mark "Increase Permgen Size"
  12. The Gist Found ID conflict between Steel Dust and Axe Head (from Tinker's Construct), but can't find what config holds the Steel Dust ID, needed to change it. There's also a second ID that I have only identified as Copper Wire (not Copper Cable). Does anyone know where the config is located that holds the Steel Dust (ID# 20444)? Also, the game tells me ID# 1451 is Copper Wire, but I cannot locate that, nor do I know what other item it is conflicting with. If anyone knows the answer to this as well, I'd really appreciate it. The Longer Version Due to a world error, I unloaded Atomic Science and all 3 ICBM mods, to make the server boot up. But when I tried to log in on my client I got "ID mismatch between world and game", with the following two ID numbers: 20444 and 1451. My server was kind enough to mention Tinker's Construct in relation to the error. Looking up TC's config file, I indeed found the ID - 20444 listed for Axe Head. I then created a fresh install, logged in and turned Show IDs to on. I located the item matching ID 20444 in the game and it is Steel Dust. My Problem(s) I cannot find what config holds ID# 20444, other than the one in Tinker's Construct. I know the game is telling me it is Steel Dust, but I've looked for a few hours and I simply cannot find an ID for Steel Dust. I've tried changing ID 20444 in Tinker's Construct's config file with bad results. The first time I changed it on my server and client, it still kept telling me "ID mismatch", so I created an entirely new server, but added the changed config file for tinker's construct. It indeed started to boot up and did not give me that mismatch error, but it did tell me there was a "Missing Tinker's Construct ID" and it gave me the ID number of the Axe Head, that I changed it to. There's also the issue of a second ID conflict that I've only managed to track down in-game, using the "Show Item IDs" function. It is ID# 1451, and, in-game, it tells me it is Copper Wire, so I've searched around in the configs and online. Looking online was not very helpful -- I kept getting results for Copper Cable, but not Wire. I'm using Big Dig Server version 1.3.9
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