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  1. Hi. Anyways I just wanted to know if ANYONE has a small (no more than 20 slots) whitelist, server with little to no mods removed, no pvp, and no cheating or griefing. If you do I would love to join (If there is still a slot open)... I've been wanting to play hexxit with others (online) for some time now. Thanks guys! Sincerely KingigorXII
  2. IGN: kingigorXII Why: I would like to join the server because it seems like a nice and friendly server, the rules are simple enough and it's a pve server.
  3. 1. IGN: kingigorXII 2. Reason for wanting to join, please be specific: I want to join because I noticed that it said "Small Server, PVE, and No Mods Removed!" that was exactly the kind of server I was looking for. I feel that it will be fun and entertaining, as well as a good place to have good clean minecraft fun! 3. Tell me a little about yourself: Well, I've been playing minecraft before they even had 'The End' and I honestly think even a little before that. I like to to draw and do things related to art. I love to 'dungeon crawl' and build houses and anything that's large & takes t
  4. IGN (In Game Name): kingigorXII Age:18 Why Horizon?: It seems like a great server and it seems like I will understand Hexxit more and its ropes by playing in a community What is your goal on the server?: Explore, make friends, fight monster, and build a sweet house
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