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  1. And as for your quote on the server, I'll fill in that bit: "We don't want an egoistic megalomaniac running this server now do we?" No, we don't. That's why I was asking why YOU were running it after you deopped me for asking who you guys were and why you deemed youself "admins." First of all, I wasn't deeming myself an admin, I was trying to help. I don't know how you guys managed to fix the "everyone's op" problem, but kudos to you for doing so. That will really help this whole thing. And secondly, get off your high horse because you know some commands that others don't. Look, the server's gonna crash and burn. The REAL admins (To which I have spoken to) are focusing on other things at the moment and are unable to help us with this situation. One of the admins informed me that it WILL be back up, but with bigger and better ideas. Personally, I cannot WAIT for that day to come. Because I love this server. Not what it has become. I'm sorry that I seemed "disrepectful" or an "egoistic megalomaniac," that's my sarcastic side of me. Good luck trying to fix everything.
  2. You guys are totally missing the point here... EVERYONE IS OP. And there's not going to be any change to that until the REAL admins do something about it. Which is probably not going to happen. Realistically, I could just nuke the everliving fuck out of the spawn you just made. Which is nice, but it's not going to be permanent. SOMEONE is going to see that and think "Huh, I can fuck up someone's day." Because that's all that is happening on the server now. Honestly, I'm surprised someone hasn't already fucked up the spawn. I've already tried fixing everything. I've re-instantiated the whitelist, I've deopped everyone that was, I've made a new spawn. It. Won't. Work. Believe me, I've tried.
  3. Okay, I'mma rant now. This server is fucking awesome. I can't see myself playing on any other server, to be honest. This last few days, I've been server hunting, and all of them SUCKED. Bans on useless items, no pvp, just bullshit like that. This is one of the few servers out there that we can all play on with few limitations and freedom. Admins, owners, server, some of us call this place home. For you to give up on this awesome place really be worth it? So that's why I wanted to suggest a couple things to the owners if they choose to read it. (Feel free to add stuff or critique me, I'm nearly blowing smoke out my ass now...) Parallel world with spawn? That's within our reach. Just have a certain area with a world border, and protect that area. Then add a portal to the main world. (The one we'd build on) There were talks of shops in this world. Which is also within our reach. But the plugin that lets you use signs for the shops, is that really necessary? We've been using trade-o-mats and safes and it seemed to be working fine, right? Would it really be detrimental to ban nukes? I mean, people are gonna dupe, there's no question about that. But the amount of nukes that have blown up spawn is too damn high. And think of it this way: If you're gonna raid someone, BE CREATIVE. Steal their shit, and then find a hilarious way to mess with their base. Build a giant reproductive organ in their main room. Replace all their machines with cobblestone. Put torches...EVERYWHERE. I dunno, shit like that. Dimensional doors and Mystcraft we've seem to be fine without, I wouldn't recommend bring those suckers back. Have a few trusted moderators to control everything on the mainfront. Time zones suck, so a few of us could control throughout the day. And lastly... Admins/Owners, is the problem based on funds? I think myself and more than you'd think are willing to donate to this server. I've never donated to a server I've played on, but this is a great one to start on. Does anybody have anything to add or correct me on?
  4. He said he tried that. And Random003 has a point, you can't tp while falling. BUUUUT, he's slow falling, not falling to his death. (Although that's what we all want him to do...) :D
  5. UPDATE: I'm pretty darn sure MrBatmatt is the cause of it now. Cause when it was just up a few minutes ago, he got on, even though I TOLD HIM TO WAIT... Then it crashed. Now he's saying that he thinks it's the table. (Apparently the architect table is something you can use to copy structures. Sounds awesome, haven't ventured into that just yet...) He made a full copy of his base, and when it was completed, that's when he said he was having problems. So that chunk he's standing in might be corrupted to shit. The base itself wasn't that big, it's just what's in it. (mfsu's, lava, stuff like that) Temp ban for MrBatmatt? I'm thinking so...
  6. Okay, I think I know what's causing the crashes. MrBatmatt is currently falling in the void, and he says every time he tries to log in, he can get one message out, then it crashes. So that might be it. Or he thinks it may be from using an architect table. (No clue?)
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