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  1. So I've just started recording videos and decided to do something I've never seen before, a hardcore technic series. I know a great deal about the Technic mods, but I also have the expansion: Techventures by MiddleMonster. Additionally I have ExtraBiomesXL and the Bunyan Addon by Scott Killen. Theres a few mods that i havent really used before, but ill learn them quickly. I plan to make complex contraptions involving many mods, have a very nice looking base area, and to take down many dungeons and conquer various mobs the mods throw at me, all without dying. Youtube Channel: bwblazerkid Current Series: `Blazer's Hardcore Technic Epsiode: 01
  2. Lol me to... Maybe kickstart it again? Build ideas i came up with: Automatic cake farm Frame bore quarry thing automatic cookie farm :3 frame elevator
  3. I have tried the NoItems plugin, but it doesnt stop crafting from Project tables, autocrafting tables or the P-stone. Is there a way to get around this?
  4. Both whitelisted. Welcome to the server! Your answers are too short, you double posted and this isnt even our whitelist app... Sorry but gunna have to deny you.
  5. Soo Enjins being screwy, so ill come on here and tell peoples: I wont be here for the next few days cuz ill be backpacking. Make sure not to blow up the server while im gone ;)
  6. Can you repost IGN? theres no spaces in names Everybody above this post have been whitelisted. Welcome to the server!
  7. I'll be on to whitelist everyone tommorow, but I'm the meantime, are you good at aesthetic building? If so you may want to checkout my towns thread on the website :D
  8. Alpha, not against you because you do have the advantage of being the person who makes the map. Not saying its an unfair advantage, but it is an advantage And yes the plan was to block your spawn rate, i got the idea from when you built your platform to wait and it was rather close to our spawning platform. Also, my map is currently at a standstill because im trying to learn more about the extra bees addon, mainly their progression. The mod author hasnt been much of a help to me... Incase you were wondering, it WONT be able to work with tekkit, because i dont use tekkit or technic to play SSP. Also, if you want to play it, you should definitely read up on your bee breeding Neko, you cant cross the border, but the line is very close to each base, i think closer to one side than another
  9. Neko, to his defense, archangels smite hits whoever it can and i was hiding... Shudnt have been firing it it the first place though... Also, id love to play again, as long as its not against Alpha :/ Another thing, if you guys need help working on it for the next version, let me know, I'm pretty damn good with tight wiring, beautifying etc..
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