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    Dude shut up you know nothing about Java Script even my mom said it's caused by a worm in the system that causes these crashes, and trust me both my mom and I have taken a Java Scripting course in High school. Ticking entity is a worm Problem. by the way I know a Moderator when I see one and your clearly not a Moderator are you. If you were you wouldn't be telling me it's nothing but User Error, when I told you all that I didn't change anything to the Modpack. also my launcher don't work that well anymore except I can only launch my Hexxit Modpack but nothing else.
  2. I tried to launch the Tekkit Lite Modpack and it stopped at loading Version??? and then the bar vanishes then the launch button turns back to normal. But when I try to launch my Hexxit Modpack it launches it with no problems , nothing but the Hexxit madpack seems to work.
  3. Same thing. Nothing works better than the Good O' Blunderbuss with all enchantments on X for 10.
  4. shark9


    Thinking about going back to Tekkit Lite only have one crash Report on that and that's because I tried to set off a 10 nuke explosion.
  5. shark9


    Um... I have everything stable I even have it on Recommended Builds or the Stable Launcher option, Increased PermGen size and the GB I under exaggerated it's 366 GB out of 453 GB not 14 GB.
  6. shark9


    Nope it's the mods, Ticking Entity, Ect. Scratch that 29 Crash Reports now.
  7. shark9


    Hexxit need's to be put through the Alpha Testing for at least 7 more times Administrators. Too many Crashes for my. I have a Total of 25 Crash Reports just from Hexxit. I have a Windows 8, Intel inside Core i5, Brand new Laptop with 16 GB of space left yet it still crashes every 5 minutes while I'm playing.
  8. Must have Hexxit to build this.
  9. Here are all my Crash Reports 18 Total. Clearly they have a Problem and need to fix it. even on a brand new Toshiba Core i5 Laptop it still crashes even when it has a lot of Space free. Plus I also get Hezzit has run out of memory when my memory is Excellent and it runs faster than a 8 Core Laptop.
  10. Okay... so it's a Hidden Recipe then okay let's try and find the other's shall we.
  11. I'm on a game I made and I just crafted a Obsidian Cutlass on the Tool Station. Is this a glitch, bug, or just plain luck? Crafting Ingredients: Full Guard, Sword Blade, and Rod. The Cutlass is not in the TConstruct Tools Section.
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