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  1. I have been playing on a server which has stopped the condensing of mk3 relays and collectors, also the rate of a power flower is 4 times slower than default.
  2. I had this issue a long time ago and I believe it just cant be done, I think tekkit classic does not allow 2 energy links with teleport pipes to function.
  3. Just from that all we can see is something with your auto updater with bukkit is not functioning and that most likely is not the issues, like Thegamerblue has said we need logs.
  4. I believe this is the best place for this thread but anyway, I am slowly creating a server but I want to make my server more challenging by slowing down the actual collectors emc generating speed. What would I need to edit with what tool since I do not believe its as simple as editing a yml file since it will most likely be coded into the mod which I do not know where to find. Tried google over the past 2 days with no luck so hopefully one of you can help. Thanks in advance
  5. Never really tried that myself but what about a sorting machine with the desired item in each colour then it may send one to each. If that does not work try put retrievers on each chest and make them pull 1 at a time but run them all off 1 timer so they all pull 1 at the same time. Like I said both of these ideas may fail since I have never tried it before but that is what I would do.
  6. Hello user's So i have tried the past 5 days to get towny & factions to work but they just dont for me. I have also tried grief prevention but i dont like it. If i could pick i would get towny working but i have tried everything that i can think of. I just get error's But i have noticed it seems to clash with essentials. If someone can help me out i would appreciate it alot. thanks
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