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  1. Looking for 1-2 persons. UTC +10 timezone. Available to play 0900 - 1600 for however long my interest holds in the day. I don't have a schedule. Currently the server is only online when I'm going to play but only because I'm the only one who uses it. I live in Australia and am running the server off my computer, which is not really a great machine so some lag can be expected from time to time. I don't mind if you're from a different region so long as you can handle the latency. Have skype, dolby axion and other voice chat clients. Have zero tolerance for jerkholes.
  2. So I'm trying to teleport MJ power. It's natively in EU so I'm taking it out of a batbox and running it through an energy link. I've set the receiving end to 'can recieve = true' and they're on the same frequency. I'm then passing it through another energy link on the other side and pumping it back into another batbox. Problem is, nothing is coming out the other end. Transmitting end: https://i.imgur.com/AZGCkzh.jpg Receiving end: http://i.imgur.com/I5BmOtO.jpg I've also tried swapping the conductive wooden pipes for the conductive golden pipes (as per a suggestion on reddit,) to no avail. Any ideas?