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  1. IGN: Clubbeaux Have you ever been banned from any servers?: No Technic Forum Username: Dercious Age: 14 Location: New Zealand Your Minecraft experience to date: I'm an avid Minecrafter who has been playing since Alpha and has been in love with it since i saved up to get it, I found out about Tekkit about a year ago and loved it because i had already done everything in Minecraft that i wanted to do, I love tekkit but i found that playing on massive servers was a hassle and to many people bothered me, so my friends and I set up our own hosted at his place and we had about 30 people join in, but it eventually got corrupt and griefers and other such over run our world, he moved away back to Switzerland and I stayed here, I have been looking for small Tekkit servers for ever, and I have sent out numerous applications but nobody replies. So I really hope that I can get into this one and just play with you guys. A paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on this server: My name is Blake Sims, I'm 14 and live in New Zealand in a as mall town of Mangawhai, playing Minecraft since Alpha, I love a small community to play with and I know I will be fun to play with and I'm good as well, so there's a bonus, umm. Tight knit communities are the best because you can really get a feel for the people and kinda make friends, so yeah, I really hope you guys pick me, here's my skype just in case dark_skittles. Thankyou! ~Derci