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  1. i come bearing good news. Mob Arena - Working Pvp Arena - working maze - now up and fun to have ago at just log on and do /warp maze Parkour - working and playable still some levels need adding. big thank you to the amazing Teamtekkit builders !
  2. *Update* We now have a dedicated box and we are rocking the specs ! E3-1230 v2 (V-0113) 32GB ECC DDR3 RAM 120GB SSD 1Gbps Uplink 30TB Bandwidth We have hardly any lag what so ever ! Feel free to come over and Taste the pretty much lag free server ! Big thank you to the whole Teamtekkit community who have made this possible
  3. Hey there just had a MASSIVE revamp on Teamtekkit. We have unbanned Gem Armour Amulets Right click on Redmatter and Darkmatter Tools Mob arena Will be re-added in the coming days, Towny will also be working fully still lots to work on but it will be out ASAP We also had a full map reset not because anything was corrupted just because , There was lots of old old builds on the server and the map seed was horrible ! Plus the spawn you see above was downloaded and i wanted a spawn built by the community. here are some pics of the new spawn !
  4. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas ! there is now a 20% sale on at our store Hope the new year will bring you all joy !
  5. some are unbanned now but working on unbanning them all , just banned because small server like me cant keep up with every bug fix or fixing the bugs like the big server , Getting there tho ^+^
  6. some good need the gun mod is now fixed! so that means no more crazy gunslingers roaming around thinking its a pvp server !
  7. Just to let you all know we have now Patched EE works even better now please enjoy :>
  8. Nice server The mob Arena is just amazing !<3 luv you guys at Tekkitnoodle
  9. Join The Server : play.teamtekkit.com Webiste: www.TeamTekkit.com Hello fellow Tekkiters I am pleased to announce TeamTekkit! We are a newish Tekkit Classic server that has been around for 1 month. We are a non-pvp server, which provides the best experience for playing Tekkit. You can play in peace without a crazed loony with their swords hacking away at you. We have EE enabled and we have patched all the duping items, which means they are not banned. We are are very strict on the no grief, so if we catch you, you are going down hard. I hope to see you on soon! <3 Features: Friendl
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