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  1. Age: 16 IGN: sir_fraser Why do you want to play on this server? I am looking for a server that doesn't have much grief on it and very little lag from time to time and looking for some nice players that we can help each other with the mod (btw I am a bit noob at tekkit but I am learning). What do you want to build? I want to build my own house and a store to sell my stuff in. I hope I am whitelisted and get to see you there
  2. IGN: sir_fraser age: 14 location: Australia Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? Im mostly a build, create and explore sort of player.
  3. Ok surely the technic team could add forestry to tekkit lite can't they? And also is it possible to install it with tekkit lite?
  4. Now its about time I found a better role play tekkit classic server I'm rather good at ic2 and build craft and getting better my IGN is sir_fraser
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