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  1. Currently playing DNS 2.03, on varying servers, usually servers that are part of the so-called "mage-tech empire", or on servers hosted by friends such as Enginekid or McDiscoStick
  2. Trogdour, the server is down for the time being. If and when it comes back online, it will most likely be changed to an FTB server.
  3. Fair enough, but that single pack does include most, if not all, of the mods you'll ever need I agree with you though that FTB has more potential, which, however, it hasn't fulfilled yet. And yeah. Technicpack stopped being the 'fittest' for me many months ago.
  4. Hurr FTB, good stuff, far better than Tekkit (DNS is even better though :DD) Haven't really followed technicpack development recently, is it true tekkit is STILL in 1.2.5? Lol. For those of you interested in a pack that's always up to date: (they recently went legit, with permissions from all included mods, but have configs and download links for other epic mods included)
  5. Quicksliver, Exoforce, seeing as I no longer have much time to be on, and none of the other admins seem to be paying attention, you are hereby promoted to admin. Good luck! (Yes, I know I skipped moderator rank, f*ck that) Edit: Also whitelisted everyone above, I hope
  6. Whitelisted everyone above except for Djjim, please post 1 application, or explain why you post several, and don't forget to follow the official application form. Also, please contact cmuff for the donation, seeing as I have no access to payment details.
  7. If only these forums would allow multiple users to edit a post, e.g. the OP of this thread... EDIT: OP updated by cmuff, now with the updated pics EDITEDIT: Quicksliver, congrats on your promotion to trainee status :D
  8. Corrected whitelist for robscottish. xV2_MONKEY & mrplazmaman, I will whitelist you now, but please be reminded that the use of hacked clients is a bannable offense, and we will be paying close attention to this kind of stuff.
  9. Whitelisted everyone above, including Lurch186 (don't you steal), excluding xV2_MONKEY (previous ban for flyhacking)
  10. Hey Quicksliver, I'll recommend your application to cmuff, seeing your dedication to the server, and how often you're online Also, it'd be great if you could indeed recommend some of these restart plugins, maybe post the links in a reply here? Hmm, been looking for restart plugins myself, however, I don't think Beastnode (the host) allows us to change the launch.bat file...
  11. Skuli, not sure if just the google docs app is sufficient, so I'm posting here as well: IGN: AerikAwesome Previous bans: 0 Disabled: EE, nukes, water strainers, world anchor, wireless redstone, scrap boxes, nano/quantum armor (why the nano? Doesn't make you invincible...),Enderchest mod Griefing is allowed in the Outlands
  12. Disks have not been deleted, and Cerigen, read Dragonmaster (Cylek)'s post
  13. Yeah, doing our best. If anyone has any idea what causes this, we'd like to know...