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  1. Okay seriously, someone tell me how to get Copy.com to work. I've tried adding ?download=1 to the end and also adding the file name on the end and neither works. SOMEONE HELP!
  2. Yeah, 2 modpacks that have both been on the front page of trending in the past couple days. One is also a Pixelmon modpack which means the file size is quite large. Anyway, I managed to setup Copy.com correctly but how do I setup the Solder API thing? I looked it up but seemed a bit too complicated for me :/
  3. So now my modpacks got so popular that even Dropbox Pro can't handle the traffic. Need a new hosting site, I'll retry Copy.com but it didn't work for me before. Anything else I could try?
  4. I tried Copy but it wouldn't work, when downloading the modpack from the launcher it ended up being invalid. For now I have just ended up buying Dropbox Pro.
  5. I really need a new site to host ASAP. Was hosting on Dropbox but they cut me off because I was getting too much traffic. My modpack is getting hundreds of downloads a day and I can't have it being down for this long. Anyone have any suggestions? Even temporary hosting places that will work.
  6. A modpack based around the beauty of Minecraft. We've all played modpacks with magic & technical machines, but this modpack brings more to the table with mods to generate beautiful landscapes, mods to bring in massive tree's and tons of new plants & foods. It adds shaders, although I recommend turning them off if your computer is a little sluggish. It adds massive underground dungeons & a whole bunch of other mods to keep you very much entertained and enjoying the world that is Minecraft. It's A Beautiful World Technic Page: http://www.technicpa...ul-world.195510 Once you have
  7. Oh woops. http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/its-a-beautiful-world
  8. Sorry, the crash report is pretty much that though. I'll paste the entire thing. Thanks for the quick response btw.
  9. Hey there, sorry to post this here as I couldn't find a support or help section to post something like this. I have a modpack that was pretty popular a long time back and I decided to revise it and get it working again as the download link no longer worked. The modpack now downloads, but I'm getting this weird error I can't find a fix to in the crash report. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. To anyone reading this with the same issues, the problem seemed to be the host. I changed from Mediafire to Ubuntu One, then I deleted the modpack's empty folders and tried again. Fixed it.
  11. Launcher Version: 293 Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Java Version: Version 7 Update 45 Antivirus Program: N/A Description of Problem: When trying to run my modpack, It's A Beautiful World, it downloads the pack for a couple seconds then stops and nothing happens. It was working earlier this morning, I deleted the pack and redownloaded and it was all fine. Went out for the day, came home in the afternoon and did the same test but now it wont download the pack. I get "error in opening zip file" in the Technic Launcher console. This is happening to everyone tryi
  12. I've followed the entire guide, finally got it uploaded & working. Forge loads and I get to the main menu with all the mods loaded, but when I create a world to play it says like "Generating World" or whatever and then closes. No error messages or anything. What's going on here?
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