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  1. we did some nuclear fission tests... this is the outcome
  2. due to lag issues we had to reset the myst dimensions. if you have lost something valuable please tell me.
  3. just a note: try to keep chunkloaders in a 5x5 or less grid. also make sure that your chests wont overflow when using quarrys. thank you
  4. we dont need additional staff at the moment. maybe later when there are more players on the server so keep on playing and publishing this server and you will maybe become part of the staff.
  5. the server works fine. we had some problems but they are fixed now.
  6. We added essentials to the server. So now you can use the /tpa, /spawn and /home commands.
  7. In case you are wondering why you cannot break blocks: the spawn is protected. So go at least 200 blocks away from it and you are good to go.
  8. Server IP : mc.jho-media.de:7331 Server rules : None Banned items : The canvas bag. (because we all know that its only used for duping) Plugins : None About the server : A fresh new server where you can do whatever you want. The expected uptime : 23/7 (nothing is perfect)
  9. kyan is right. i reset my router/modem and it worked well after that
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