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  1. I made this pack for 1.6.4, it has a ton of mods: 112 at last check and it all works well. I know a little bit about crash reports and have good experience with mods. Sadly ICBM doesnt work very well and crashed a lot so I had to remove it, the pack has ancient warfare, custom NPCs, Metallurgy 3 and flans though to make up for it. If you would like to make a server with this I would be VERY excited to help. It is mostly technology type stuff but I could add almost any mod you would like fairly easy. It does have thermal expansion but I mostly play IC2 so it has addons for that, I could easily
  2. Thanks for the support, I could help you out a little if you are interested and youtube is a really good place to get modpack instructions. I know exactly what you mean, half of my likes are me/my friend and then I go and see the big time packs, try them and realize they completely buy their ratings. For example I was on a server pack, not to mention names and they have 2300+ likes because they give out tons of in game cash and a hybrid solar panel for every vote. I think this would make it fair to non-server non-youtube modpack authors.
  3. So here is my idea, like the tittle says I think that a button to like a pack should be available in the little tab you get for each downloaded pack inside the launcher itself. I have about 77 downloads and 159 runs on my Technic pack but only 4 likes including myself. I think that if there were an option to like the pack without searching it up on the site then packs would get a more realistic number of likes which would in turn improve the modpack list on the website. Of course I believe this is the best pack since technic classic but I have a number of likes that doesnt seem really what it
  4. Age 14 IGN: Sniper16i Location: Del Norte, Colorado Time zone: Mountain Time Time in MC: 4 or 5 months Time in Tekkit: since start of August Other Games: COD, Tanki Online, Mario Kart Skills: Im good at tekkit, honest, loyal, I play all the time
  5. I have been looking for like a week no and i cant seem to find a simple, not crowded server with regular Tekkit, Towny and other simple things like TMI. If anyone can help me out I will be really grateful. : )
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