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  1. IGN: LevytskyyAge: 19Why Do You Want To Join: Im looking for an interesting mod pack to explore.How Many Hours A Day Will You Play: 1 or 2 sometimes some sometimes less depending on work and school.What Experience Do You Have Playing Modded Minecraft: Alot. I have been playing modded minecraft for years. cant even remember when i started.Do You Agree To The Rules: Yup
  2. Minecraft name: Levytskyy Age: 19 Tell us something about you: I go to college and work so my play time during the the first 4 days of the week are rather limited to later at night. I like building near others not solitarily in the middle of nowhere. Im looking for a community with people to build with. Why this server?: It seems to be professionaly run with good quality and seems to have a fun mod pack. Do you agree with the rules: Yes i do. Anything else: Nothing really of note.
  3. Name: I go by Levy its not my real name but no one can pronounce my actual name. Age: 18 In-Game name: levytskyy Skype/Steam Account name: Baloony2 on skype. I dont use steam enough to give it out, Ill tell you but honestly you will probably not be able to contact me through it ever. How much do you know about the Modpack: I have no experience with this mod pack in specificly but i have had a moderate amount of experience with other tekkit and ftb modpacks. Why should i pick you:I Work well with toher and prefer to build in a community instead of in the middle of nowhere, I find it more fun that way. Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: Builder/Crafter best describes me. Would you enjoy a In-Game Shop: I would have to say no. its better to work hard for every material in my oppinion. Theres a reason EE2 is no longer in the modpack. On a side note i have a personal channel on teamspeak 3 if you would like to use that instead of skype. teamspeak3 is basicly skype for bigger groups. its easy to install and get to work and works much better.
  4. IGN: Levytskyy Age: 18 Timezone: MDT: Mountain time. Activity: A few hours per day till i get bored. Modpack Experience: Id say in the middle got some experience but by no means an expert. Hope to Accomplish: Nothing special just had fun for a few months. PVP Policy: Consensual pvp only
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