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  1. But to prevent this kind of bullshit in the feature, we're not accepting anymore new players anytime soon.
  2. Let me explain how this happened in my eyes. First, you join our server, we all welcome you, we give you trust that you won't just screw up. First thing you do is starting to steal from the barrels, then take the drives from my storage system, probably trying to either steal my stuff or ruin the system. Maybe even both. Then you start telling us that you are working in cyber security, but don't even know what a MySQL injection is. I'm sorry, but almost everyone that has a job with computers, ESPECIALLY cybersecurity people should know the basic MySQL injection. Even if it's not your field, you should know it. I fix software problems for people on a daily base, and even I know it. I'm sorry, but in my eyes you're just lying to me. I don't care too much about the first two points, it might have been on accident, but when you're starting to lie to me, I'm done with you. And then you also post in my topic that my server stinks because you get banned for lying to the server owner? I'm sorry, but please, grow some balls.
  3. Added Added As far as I know now, the server doesn't restart randomly anymore! Woohoo!
  4. Note: The server now randomly restarts itself, which is a big issue for some players. I'm working hard to fix it.
  5. Hello ladies and gentlemen, Me and my friend have been playing on this server for some time now, and now it's getting boring, just with us two playng. So we are opening our server for other people to join us. If you want to join us, please leave your name and age below. If you want, you can add me on Skype to contact me: stan.vennix Items removed: - Canvas Bag (duping ofc) - Dimensional Anchor - World Anchor - Chunk Loader - Mining laser Plugins: Griefprevention Essentials mcMMO Our IP: Regards, Smith_a_Cat & Opiumworst
  6. Age: 16 From: Holland IGN: Smith_a_Cat Games I play: Mostly Minecraft, recently started Tekkit. experience with tekkit: Not too much. I know the basics. Position (Builder,mod/admin, member, other): Member Mostly available (Night, Day, Weekday, Weekend): Almost anytime at day. (Approximatly 6+ hours a day available)
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