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  1. Any chance one of those worlds will be a hardcore survival world without banned items due to grief concerns? Have been looking for a long time for a pure survival experience playing Tekkit Lite and I can only find servers that have several items banned because they can bypass claims... I understand getting rid of Mystcraft and nukes because they simply can destroy the server's performance a great deal but would love to play again in a hardcore server where the only thing players can't do is duping or hacking. Let me know if your plans match in any way with this and if they do I would be more t
  2. Hey DMan! Been desperately trying to find a good hardcore Lite server - one focused on old-school Survival play - where the only rules are no hacking and no duping and let the players do what they want... Any chance this server will be something like that or is it gonna be focused on building and protecting those builds (ending up banning a huge amount of items)? If you're going for the purest survival gameplay option you can count on my help. I have Skype, experience and a good team spirit. Looking forward to your answer and good luck with it!
  3. I reaaaally think we should wait for admins to come and do some spring cleaning. Will be away for a while until they do.
  4. Yeah, batmatt basically logged in and server crashed again. I asked him to stop logging in but he said he either plays or no one plays. So with no active admins... Game Over?
  5. I'll need to had a few more safes to make it completely safe - have to generate more UU matter for that. Boy, I love that we have to fight over spawn to conquer it... Not a bad concept.
  6. Ok, I killed those guys with Adam, conquered spawn and built a bridge of personal safes. New guys have a way to leave it now.
  7. Admins, We really need someone with admin powers to be online every once in a while... Any chance you guys can come and move spawn and claim it with admin faction? New players claimed the current one, nuked the area around it and there's no way of leaving it without falling down and die. What's up with you guys? Everything ok?
  8. R_o_n, if you would allow me I will give you some points that worked amazingly well for me, although I am not aware if you did the same or just got unlucky.. Anyway I meant to write this for a while specially to help new players who might feel a bit overwhelmed: - Never build close spawn. A distance of at least 10000 blocks in any direction is recommended. - Never build on surface and use covers over your solars, if you use them. - Never claim the land where you build. Two of the best factions I've raided I would have never noticed them if I hadn't been flying over them and seen the Fact
  9. Server has been up a while now. Possibly crashed due to nukes. Admins - we miss you around the server! Are you guys using different accounts to play secretly among us again? If not, come and join the fun! All is awsome except still no nether mobs and we desperatly need those ghast tears and blaze rods...
  10. That's a shame - no help in forums? On another note - I have several times advised IStealBudder to stop flying too fast and crashing server. This time it cost me - 3 full 4K disks were deleted after the server recovered. Lost all my storage. Budder just didn't care even after everyone was telling him to stop... Can we have some Admin interference? Other than these two issues the server is awsome. Keep it up please!
  11. It is Mojang - just check Minecraft Forums. Only servers that are 100% not affected by this are 1.7.2. Anyway - it seems to be fixed.
  12. This is a Mojang issue... Can't enter no matter what. Hope they fix it soon.. Yeah - this doesn't happen here for sure. When there's duping or X-Ray I'm sure stuff gets deleted, but in that case I would consider myself lucky for not being banned.
  13. Katuner - it is allowed to bypass faction protection using legitimate tekkit lite tools. There are ways to prevent this such as reinforced walls with personal safe layer and a lava layer to avoid a quarry from mining the whole thing. I realize that a beautiful house will never be possible but this is how the server works... It has worked for me - 3 weeks and counting of not being raided and killed, not even once. If you want, I can write a post full of advice for you and your friends but what mpfthprblmtq did was legit. Sorry.
  14. Yes please! This is actually better than my idea. Anyway, this was only to prevent bad feelings from players who don't even get to try the server properly - although I think they are actually missing out on actually making out of spawn nice and safe without any kind of protection. Man, I made it out with people being killed, climbing up a nuke hole during night time with mobs all over. WHAT A START.
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