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  1. ninjaman2

    hexxit start problem

    i have that problem but i carn't find the hexxit folder
  2. i just give up, i was one simple task carn't you do a simple task for an 11 yearold?
  3. i dont know that's never happened to me? but hows about you try the technic wiki?
  4. I know but you can make it a multyplayer verson but with the same mods or more mods? { and possibly the texture pack}
  5. in 2 years my youtube chanel will be up {hopefully}

  6. i used the link but i have already tryed it. the version that i want is the one that sips or theonlybently used so if some one could make a modpack bast* on them plz put a link down * sorry for poor spelling
  7. play FTB unleasted

  8. i have but you know, i only got minecraft when it was in 1.5.1
  9. ninjaman2


    I think hexxit should have battlegear or mo'creatures
  10. wanting technic back