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  1. Server IP: Rules: Don't exploit. It's a game, make it fun for everyone. No spam, obviously. Don't grief spawn. RAIDING and GRIEFING is ALOUD. We are running a clean build of AOTBT with no removed mods. Pictures of Spawn http://imgur.com/6pzbwOl http://imgur.com/Bc4tJZG ___________________ 5000 block world limit just for Overworld Care packages are hidden near spawn (within 1000 blocks) to help you get going. Banned items and reasoning: Master's Staff:Ignores protected areas Luggage:Dupe Oven:Dupe Present:Dupe Nyan Pig Launcher:Ignores protected areas TMPP Launcher:Ignores protected areas Explosive Dubstep Gun:Lag Plastic Bag:Dupe Needlegun:Ignores protected areas SPAMR Launcher:Ignores protected areas Total Plugin List: BorderGuard ClearLag EasyPrefix Essentials Factions KillMoney PermissionsEX SimpleWorldPlugin TekkitCustomizerData Vault WorldEdit WorldGuard Why I made the server? "I was tired of playing alone, so I put this up, come join me" I want people who show absolute dedication towards playing. No whitelist.
  2. Why is the server down? Its been down for nearly 12 hours.
  3. Block ID 249 is also being used by another block. Try re-installing Tekkit completely. Also, did you edit or change anything?
  4. If this isnt a whitelist server why do I even have to post here applying for member? Just wondering. Maybe you should post in the whitelist section.
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