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  1. this needs to be upchannels fast... its not just copper/tin its saltpeter(which i think doesnt matter) uranium and silver not spawning at all in the 1.0.6 build Sulfer and Platium spawn just fine
  2. hmm try daddy cheese or something with a lot of ram
  3. you cant until they update without hacking and anything you have to hack is turned off cause it crashes servers normally
  4. check the server listing section.... try endervoltz its more stable then the recommended
  5. glad to see everyone likes the server and te 12 hours down was due to removing errors that crashed the map
  6. They were doing such a great job of getting the updates to the client side in dev builds nd now its been a week and i'd update my server to FIX THE MECK PROBELMS. but cant cause the players dont understand how to manually update thier clients... Can you guys please update at least the mech in a 1.0.6 dev build or something cause i'd like my server to stop crashing since all the fixes are in those updates.
  7. Starting the Thread for server ip's until they create a section for it EnderTekkit ------ PVP/Griefing and all allowed Currently 50 player server Welcome to EnderTekkit
  8. can you fill the basic crap first like the pipes and tubes and ignots and then work on the machines in the wiki
  9. How do you make the iron tubes i mean the iron ignots make bronze ones for some reason
  10. Lol the retard proof meant that windows just has a a lot hidden crap to know where to find and turn on/off. Kinda like buying a built house thats still has everything from the prior owner in it and remodeling it where as linux is a cleaned empty house. Either way the problems with he lag lag where coming from the advance solar panel and also biogenerators. minute i removed them the lag was gone. I'm finding some items just bog things down. And yes the launch you wrote looks real close to what i had minus the ram differs. Yes, the low mem and the clearer up is good from Linux. And between the last post i pulled out the hard drive and threw ubantu on one and mineoscrux on the other and found the same issues. So i came the realize its just going to come down to me throwing more and more hardware at it, until the software coding cleans up. Thx though...
  11. background process an nothing its a clean wiped windows only thing it will do is check for updates but waits for approval. Second I have tried running it without Multicraft and the server crashes faster post me how you'd write your launch file so i can compare if i goofed somewhere. I also found 90% of the lag went away when the i removed the tier 3 generators sitting at spawn for the anti-missle arrays. (think its the advance solar panels). as for windows vs linux...hog wash same crap not going to get into how i've ran many different servers and yes there is difference but with the pc raw i have it shouldnt exist(if you know how to handle windows its fine.. linux is just retard proof...and which linux we talking about) Side note i do have the ability to swap over to a single core 2.8 chip. and louis how about a little more info there buddy before you brag. trying to find out what the true difference is so if you post post it all like in the 2nd post. this way as a whole we can root out causes.
  12. hmm how long has you server been up? mine has been 4 days now and i just used mcedit to remove entities and its still botchy compared to day one i think its an item thats doing it
  13. Windows 7 Server x64 8 GB Memory AMD Phenom II x4 925 Deneb 2.8ghz Launch file thru multicraft i gave it 6gbs ever time i run it without multicraft(which always reads offline but its running and ppl connect stil) it crashes player count normally on is between 17-25 and set for 100
  14. anyone elsee throwing less then 8gig ram out there lagging?? i cant get the lag on the server to stop anyone got fixes its the only thing running on it and the players have been playing and its bogging down fast and i'm about to add 8 more gigs to it when it comes in the mail
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