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  1. the server is down to figure out the cause of the crashing, however it may be due to the fact that there is just to many, which it may not seem like that at times, however the server will be down, another post will go up once I have solved this issue. I do apologise, but I will do my best to fix the problem.
  3. Sure just let me know what u need and ill give you it back!
  5. THANKS TO ALL WHO ARE APPLYING, I WILL ADD YOU ALL ONCE THE SERVER IS BACK UP, I WILL POST AGAIN, ONCE THE SERVER IS UP AND I HAVE ADDED YOU ALL! Sorry but I must mention, the server was moved and everything got deleted, I do appoligise to those who were on the server before, however, I will be adding a few new things. Sethblings bejeweled mod and his pickpocket mod. GO CRAZY!!! (POSTING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  6. Your added to the whitelist, hope to see you on the server!!
  7. I'm not sure why that is, maybe someone who see's this could help or you could try to look it up, sorry! Everyone is whitelisted, thanks for applying, more people can still apply!
  8. All who applied are now added to the whitelist, you can now join the server. Hope to see you all soon!
  9. I have a new whitelisted attack of the bteam server. It is the latest version of the modpack and will continue to be updated to the latest version, asap. It will hopefully run 24/7 but due to updating the server, that might not always be possible. IP: (SERVER IS BACK UP) The server will require just the following: IGN: Age: Why you would like to join: My server is for mature players, and is a place for peaceful and fun players. (DONATIONS IS SET UP (do /shop to access) We would encourage players to donate, however its is not required to
  10. Thanks to all who has posted their appy for whitelist, i will be adding ALL who have left their minecraft info above, for those who are gonna apply below please note that, there will not be many spaces left. Also a note to all, the server will change from time to time, at the moment it will stay Attack of The B-Team, however there will be a change for the server soon! If you'd like to send your thoughts or comments about this change please skype: mowser98 At the moment the thought is that it might be a Hat Pack server on FTB! Let me know what you all think! XD Once again, good luck to thos
  11. I have a server, let me know if your interested in joining me on a YouTube adventure!

  12. Thanks for all the apps, reply's coming soon!
  13. Thanks for applying, also at the moment we now have a new position opened up, its Moderator, so please apply again or edit post with the position u would like to apply for, or both. Thanks again for all who applied! (We do not whitelist, sorry, only staff will be whitelisted sorry. It maybe however a donation extra, so look out for that!)
  14. I'm sorry but it would be very helpful if maybe we could see you on the server sometime, wont really add anyone else they've been on the server! Thanks for applying, your still being considered but nothing more unless we see u on sometime! Once again thanks!
  15. Jack and I (Liam) have opened a new server, its Attack of The BTeam. It is survival and now WHITELISTED! We are a small server but we do not take downtime lightly, we get the server running mostly under 10mins but depending on the error it can vary. Running Version: V1.0.9 IP: The server runs 24/7 and welcome all, can't wait to see you on there! Below please fill out this app to be Whitelisted, basic info needed: IGN: Real name: Skype or form of contact: Reason: Previous Work, if any: If applied below, if you have skype then you may be con
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