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  1. IGN:Shiftykid34 Age 17 Country: United States of America (U.S.A) But i am chinese and make many jokes Give a breif statement of why you want to join: I want to join a small community base where i dont have to ask 500 times before soomeone gives me help.I really just want to have a good time playing with a few people that i could become good friends with. Skpye Name, and if you would join skype group: coolbot97, and i would love to join the group Youtube Vidoes? not currently but want to and would love to in the future Thank You!
  2. IGN: Shiftykid34 Age: 15 Why you would like to join? I would like to play with a small community because it sounds fun and im sick of asking 500 people for help. I would love to contribute to the communty and would want to run a small shop in the server.
  3. Real name: Kaydn Skype: Kaydn.brown Age: 16 Timezone: Mountain Time IGN: Shiftykid34 I would love to play on a small community base because we could all be friends and iw ouldnt have to worry about 500 people swarming my base and destroying it.
  4. username-Shiftykid34 Youtube?-no but interested Why? Even if i didnt make my own videos i would love to help/play with someone who is.
  5. IGN: Shiftykid34 Skype: coolbot97 Do you accept the rules?: Yes Age: 15 Youtube: currently dont have one but may start one with some friends if we can find a good server. (Why i applied.) How active will you be: Probably get on every night except in next few weeks dew to my High School AP tests Why should I pick you?: I would love to be picked because i want to join a small community base where i can play with friends and not be overwhelmed by the chat box. Also because this server fits mine and my friends criteria perfectly.
  6. IGN: Shiftykid34 Age: 15 Reason for wanting to join: I want to join a small community server because im sick of joining servers with 500 people (plus there will be less lag) Favorite mod: Flans Mod Experience: i have played tekkit, voltz, tachnic, takkit classic and other mods for 3 years Skype: I have a account but dont use it.
  7. IGN:Shiftykid34 Reason Why: I want to play on a small knit community and be able to make things without 500 people coming at me and killing me. Im looking for a good experience and your server sounds perfect.
  8. IGN: Shiftykid34 Reason for wanting to join: I want to join a small tight knit community and also because i'm sick of joining servers with 500 people and constantly hiding and dying. Favorite Mod: Tinkers Age: 15 Youtube: Im not doing anything with youtube right now but i might later Skype account: Yes (coolbot97)
  9. IGN: Shiftykid34 Age: 16 A short blurb about why you want to play on this server (What your'e looking for, what you'd be excited to do, etc.): I would like to play on a small server. It would be a nice change from serves where there are 500 people running around constantly killing you. I just want to have fun and experiment with this modpack (Kinda new to it) I want to be able to build a nice large house instead of living in a cave. I noticed how you said we might build a spawn town and i would love to help with a project like that. Thank you for reading my (long) blurb about why i
  10. I can help build spawn i'm on at night and my IGN name is Shiftykid34 and if you want to skype my name is coolbot97 but im usualy on this
  11. I don't have to. I mean its nice to have other people on but im fine playing alone.
  12. Hey so i would like to join your server and be a builder or a law enforcer. Whatever you need i can be. I have played minecraft for several years now and would love to become part of your server. Skype me if you need to talk to me about it: Kaydn Brown and my ign is Shiftykid34
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