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  2. The server is saying "Server out of date" in the list for the multiplayer menu. It also says 1.3 in red. Even if the server is up, it's not working for any players on the current B-Team client.

    1. xSable


      Sometimes it jumps between 1.3 and 1.7.10

  3. Server is back up and everyone above this post has been whitelisted. I'll send everyone PMs with IP and the pack. Won't be taking on anyone else for now unless they are a friend of someone on the server.
  4. I'll add everyone who applied as soon we're ready to roll later tonight.
  5. We have the server back online but the map is gone guys....
  6. The server is broke. The one day I can't get on to fix it. I'll have it back online asap guys. Sorry to ruin your Friday!
  7. I'll be online in 30 mins to an hour. Everyone will be whitelisted and I'll be online for a few hours. Look forward to seeing everyone online!
  8. Added you to the white list. Look forward to seeing you online!
  9. For now, we won't be accepting anyone else to the server. Feel free to post applications but for now we will use it as a notice board for current members.
  10. Bringing the server down for half hour or so to update to the latest patch.
  11. How's it going everyone? Sorry for the delay! I landed back in the UK this morning. The server is now online, i'll go over a few of the applications and send you a PM if you have been accepted. Again sorry about the delay getting it back online.
  12. Made a slight change so we can start featuring some of the members videos/streams. I could only find Smash's YT. If i've missed anyone please just let me know and i'll add you asap. I've now finished uni for the year so will be able to be a lot more active around the server. I'm off on holiday tomorrow and wont be back till the 23rd so don't expect to hear much from me until then. I'll do my best to keep an eye on the thread and server. Any problems let me know via PM and i'll get to it when I have a chance.
  13. Ran into a couple of problems last night so just rolled back and decided to tackle it today with a fresh head. We are now running the latest version of the B-Team pack. Just uploading updated files now. Server will be online within 1 hour of this post. For those of you unsure how to update - Select the B-Team pack from the Technic launcher then click the cog at the bottom left - Then select "Always use latest build" - Server is currently running 1.0.10a Enjoy.
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